Far Cry meets Crysis: Highest quality with Advanced Graphics Mod, Content Update and Tweaks

PC Games Hardware delivers extreme high quality screenshots of Crytek's old Far Cry. The game has been upgraded with mods and tweaked config files to improve the graphics. They also explain how the enhancements are made.

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Hellsvacancy3020d ago

Those images look really poor

GrandDragon3020d ago

Its because the Article is about Far Cry 1

Tony P3019d ago

It looks better than default, but they have no business associating the visuals with Crysis. There's no contest whatsoever.

christian hour3019d ago

I was wondering myself why the mention of crysis? Other than them both sharing the same developer. They're better but nowhere near Crysis detail. Wish we could see what Crysis will look like in 5 years time when it gets improved as much as far cry has here. We'd appreciate it much more right now.

christian hour3019d ago

Wow this is a big improvement over the original far cry. I might dust the old disc of and give this a whirl.

Pandamobile3019d ago

I am disappoint.

I thought someone modded Far Cry on the CryEngine 2...

STONEY43019d ago

And when I saw the words Far Cry, for some reason I thought of Far Cry 2 and thought someone modded Crysis on the Far Cry 2 Dunia engine.

Jamescagney3019d ago

I loved Far Cry. Even the mutants that everyone else hated.

dirthurts3019d ago

I liked the mutants. I like the 360 version too, with the feral abilities and such.

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