EBgames Demanding More Halo 3 Pre-Order Money, Or Else. report on EBgame's demanding of more money on your Halo 3 Legendary Edition pre-order.

If you don't pay up by may, your previous guarantee of a copy on launch day by merely getting in early is forfeit.

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Excalibur4234d ago

Bottom line, It's just a game and we are talking about a game that is "supposed" to be out in November, and not in the next few months.
I have a feeling the release date will be bumped a few times before November anyway.

BTW.. IF.. I had pre-ordered this game (for $25.00) and someone called me demanding another $25.00 I'd tell them to bite my F-ing a$$ and I'll be down in 5 min to get my first $25.00 back. I'm sure I'm not the only one either.
E.B Games should re-think their greed or this little stunt could cost them not only Halo 3 business but future gaming business as well.
They are not the only folks in town selling video games.