Splinter Cell Conviction Scans

New scans of the Xbox 360 exclusive Splinter Cell Conviction.

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sak5004211d ago

Broken link .. Who approved this?

anh_duong4211d ago (Edited 4211d ago )

apparently this can't be done on a ps3.

flamewar please.... lets try too make this a 100+ post flamewar

EDIT: man i lost a bubble for this joke. it took me ages (months of toil on n4g) to get that extra bubble now i only got five bubbles. this sucks. to the person who took away my precious bubble: how can you sleep at night.. lol

PS360PCROCKS4211d ago

This looks like crap? huh? it looks very realistic I think this is going to be a problem it's so hyper realistic anymore it revels life and it almost looks better. Anyways these look good plus their not even official screens their a scan of a magazine!

socomnick4211d ago

If splinter cell double agent couldn't be done on the ps3 without looking like crap then why would people imagine conviction would be possible.

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