PSX Extreme: Demon's Souls Review

The game isn't scheduled to release in the US until October 6, but PSX Extreme already has a lengthy and in-depth review for one of the PS3's best. Demon's Souls is truly an excellent title for the hardcore RPGer!

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Lfmesquite3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

This game looks like junk to me, just looking at gameplay videos it looks like a slow and clunky beatem up game with B level presentation. (It has a little bit of a LAIR look to it.)

But it's received pretty strong reviews. I gotta atleast try it, but from the videos, it just doesn't look good to me.

EDIT: I'm also gonna predict low sales, we're talking Valkyria Chronicles and Folklore kind of sales.

I hope I'm wrong but I usually ain't.

zenosaga043182d ago

What are you talking about Valkyria Chronicles sold over 500,000 copies, contrary to popular beliefe that's extremely well for such a niche title.

raztad3182d ago

Give it a try before to jump to conclusions. I have a very strong feeling about this game. Game promise to be challenging but awesome. Many have imported and played it.

Demons Souls sold very well in Japan, probably it wont sell that well in NA but I dont think Atlus is really concerned, they will allocate few copies, so I preordered mine long time ago.

Major_Tom3181d ago

I can tell from your comment that you're gonna try it and then ragequit so hard cuz' the game kicks your ass.

BiggCMan3181d ago

i really feel bad for people like you that care for sales so much, AND also think 500k in sales is bad, cuz it certainly isnt. just because something doesnt sell as much as simple minded games like halos 8 mil plus, doesnt mean its bad, on the contrary, there normally better.

GameGambits3181d ago

I predict RPG of 2009, except in Japan it'll be FF13.

I've played it, beat it, and loved it. If you aren't a panzy and can stand about a solid 8-10 hours of dying a lot, then you'll be treated to a top notch quality game.

Has anyone ever even read a bad review for this game yet or had someone who imported it tell you it sucks? That many people can't be wrong can they? It'll be a game that pleases the majority who try it.

Baka-akaB3181d ago


That's the kind of BS i never really understands from poster and the press ...

Valkyria chronicles isnt supposed to sell better . It's a tactical rpg for christ's sake ... since when do they sell 500k without the name final fantasy or super robot taisen attached to it ??

Hell disgaea is supposed to be a success in the US , but how many do you think own the game ? Not that many , it's a niche genre period .

Sega itself never really commented upon what you guys kept calling a failure , and yet rleased a whole anime for it , re released the game with a newfound success again , and planned sequels ...
I still seek what part is a failure , and when was the last time sega made million sellers rpgs ..

Now back to the topic at hand , and first poster . I say go with your gut and dont bother ...
I disagree with pretty much everything you said , but your entitled to your opinion . I dunno wich videos you saw , but with hundreds available between trailers and entire runs , if it doesnt appeal to you by now , dont bother with it .

Last thing the game imo need is people going to it just "because it got good reviews" only to be disgusted by it's difficulty . though i suppose atlus wouldnt mind the money .

FlatulentGhost3181d ago

8.8 is laughably low. This is the masterpiece rpg fans have been waiting for.

This game is so satisfying. It's challenging, not hard. It gives you that sense of accomplishment making your way through the game.

The people who have been raving about in Japan and who have imported it have universally praised this game as being one of their all time favorites.

Sarcasm3181d ago

The first trailers of the game made it look like Junk. Heck, some current trailers make it look like junk.

But this might be one of those games where you just need to play it to understand.

I'm on the fence about it though. Not because I'm not interested or anything, but everyone keeps saying how hard it is.

Don't get me wrong, I love a challenge. But if it's anything like NGS it might not be for me.

poeo3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

see, thats the thing... the game looked "like junk" to me too. i might have even used those exact words. people recommended for me to import the game a few months ago, and i was like "seriously? that game looks like a boringly brown mindless hack 'n slash fest"

then i read the Eurogamer review. and admitted to myself i was wrong, and imported the game immediately. then anxiously waited for the game counting days (i never do that), and when i got it, i played it for about 3 months straight. 300 hours in the game clock so far. and it's one of the best games i have ever played, it's absolutely filled with "WOW" and "holy sh*t!" moments. absolutely STELLAR game, full of awesome and those special little things that make it a true classic for me.

edit: and btw, the game looks MUCH better on your hdtv than in any youtube videos. it's a good looking game imo, the environments are really atmospheric and creepy, and the characters' armor etc look pretty realistic thanks to the detailed lighting and shadowing. and with ZERO pop-in (only game this gen pretty much where i have never ever seen any instance of pop-in) it looks very solid and polished.

el_bandito3181d ago

LOL. The game rocks. I'm playing the asian/english version. To the impatient,careless and cranky, be prepared to strap your controllers to your hands. You would want to throw them occasionally while playing this game because this game has got to be one of the more challenging and unforgiving games of recent.

divideby03181d ago

read some of the are totally and completely in the minority...

Daver3181d ago

I cant wait for this game!! I'm not even a rpg fan and anyway its not totally an rpg from what i saw. Ive been convincing myself to not import it lol and now i only have few more weeks to wait

This is my most anticipated game this year with uncharted 2

Ravage273181d ago

Yes it doesn't have the polished graphics of FF13, but that has to be expected since DS doesn't have a FF13-budget or FF13-development time.

Trust me, the graphics are GOOD enough. It has the dark atmosphere is extremely well-done and it has the BEST gameplay of all Action-RPGs i've played thus far(Sorry KH). The replayability of this game is also well above market standards. Even if you are not planning to spend time on the deep Tendency mechanism(which unlocks new paths and events), prepare to easily sink in at least 60+ hours into the main game. Not to mention it has a NewGame+(+++) mode which WILL stun you by rocketing up the difficulty even further!

If you consider yourself a hardcore gamer and have the slightest bit of interest in skill-based swordfighting or dungeon crawling please do yourself a favour and at least rent it(and bear with the steep inital difficulty curve). You will definitely love it if it's your type of game.

The Great Melon3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

I along with many others never paid much attention to this game, but after reading several reviews and user reviews I will definitely get it.


If there is no pop-in, that is already an amazing feature. I don't mind games if they lack a little in the graphics department but make up in the presentation. Having gorgeously rendered trees is nice, but when they pop in two feet away, there is something wrong with the game.

Marceles3181d ago

"I hope I'm wrong but I usually ain't."

(facepalm) dude...please. your attempt to tightrope fanboyism is horrible

"Well sounds like the game will suck...but they say it doesn't so....maybe it will...but maybe it won't...I think it won't...but sales...buh buh buh buh buh"

Shut up.

Nikuma3181d ago

This game is my GotY by far. Best game I've played this gen. It's simple amazing.

The amount of oh sh!t moments in this game is off the wall.

*walks into boss room and sees flamelurker break through the wall holding him and jump down to greet me*

Me: "oh sh!t, I'm dead"

(1 min later)

Me: *Dead*

beavis4play3181d ago

seriously, i've never seen ONE post from you on any thread that makes much sense. and your comments on demon souls are waaaaaaaaaaay off base as well.

ThanatosDMC3180d ago

Chances are though American reviewers will hate this game to death since they'll complain how hard it was. Remember DMC3 when it first came out on the US? The initial difficulty was set on Hard Mode compared to the DMC3 Special Edition.

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DonCorneo3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

casual POS like Dirt 2 and guitar hero 5 get 9's and a masterpiece like demon's souls can't. looks like reviewers these days love easy game, prince of persia last year comes to mind.

the review talks about satisfaction. man, that evoked the rooftop scene in shawshank redemption where in the guys are drinking beer and andy dufresne smiling.

raztad3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )


Game puts some people off because it's "hard". WTF? If game is hard but not cheap it is all good.

UnSelf3181d ago

lol that scene is one of my favorite movie scenes of all time

Kamikaze1353181d ago

As much as Demon's Souls deserves a 10 to us hardcore like Guitar Hero, Dirt, etc, are games that appeal more to the casual crowd along with the hardcore. Demon's Souls is strictly a game for the hardcore. If it only appeals to one crowd, then it'll most likely receive lower ratings than the mainstream games.

It's completely unfair to the developers because their games aren't given an equal chance like the more popular games are, but that's life. I just wish journalist weren't biased in anyway when it came to video games.

Oh well, I just hope people give it a chance and I can't wait till I get my hands on it =D

koehler833181d ago

The game certainly hasn't ramped up my hypemeter but it definitely looks new and different and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it. I'm just concerned about the timing it will get in my hands here in Canada and how Uncharted 2 might obstruct it. Either way I've pre-ordered it. It will arrive at some point.

Blasphemy3181d ago

Well I think it's dumb that you can't play with friends. In this day and age you should be able to play with your friends at ease. Japanese developers are so behind times when it comes to online gaming.

poeo3181d ago

trust me, this game is not behind the times... if anything it's well ahead of its time! the way multiplayer is seamlessly (well there are load times though) integrated into single player is just amazing and i've never played anything like it. in what other game do you see other players' ghosts fading in and out of existance? that alone is so awesome... you'll see ghosts fighting enemies you have already defetead... you see them fall to their death.. you see them doing funny stuff like continuous dodges or waving their hands etc :P and those are all other players who are unaware of you seeing them.. and others can see you do stuff without you knowing. it's innovative and totally AWESOME!

and the fact that there's no invites etc was a conscious design choice, and you'd understand it if you played it. this IS mainly a single player game, it's meant to immerse you into its world... like Ico. like Oblivion. (how would these games been with invites and voice chat? lol).

ThanatosDMC3180d ago

You can play with your friends easy. The only thing is you need to be at least 10 lvls or less away from each other and drop a Blue Soul Stone somewhere where other people could not easily summon you or your friends.

The problem with this however is that you have to call your friends since Demons' Souls does not have voice chat support.

Also, there's an unwritten rule to bow down when you get summoned. A-holes normally get ranked down. I have a lot of S and A but one D since i just stood there and watch the person that summoned me die against a Black Phantom.

FLOWCity3181d ago

Imported this but didn't enjoy it due to the way online is set up. To play with a friend is a hassle due to the requirement of finding orbs and having to meet at a certain spot at the same exact time..

WTF Happened to sending a invite to each other..WAY TO FAIL

raztad3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

From what I've read game doesnt want you to play with friends.

EDIT: I'm wondering why I got a disagree when I said something true.
You are not supposed to play with friends online, thats the way the game is set.

Baka-akaB3181d ago

well they went an original way , you just arent suppose to easily choose who to group with . And as expected some wont like this ... but like pretty much everything harsh within the game , it's all part of a mood , setting , and the whole game .

Even the way you meet or see other players is part of the ambiance and story . Deal with it , or dont .

FLOWCity3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

Have you played the game to make such a comment? Having a awkward set up to play with others is not contributing to the story AT ALL..Especially when they are promoting coop as a big feature

Baka-akaB3181d ago

Cry me more rivers .. i actual have since it's HK release , and it rocked .

Like i said it's part of it , like the lack of chat , and if you dont get it or can't deal with it , dont even bother .

It was no surprise or misleadingly advertised feature , they always gave the infos straight up and has been now for months before atlus decided to release the game , and re-explained again by atlus .

FLOWCity3181d ago

By your way of thinking broken things should stay broken because thats the way it was meant to be..Okay..I've had it since release also and I can't overlook bad things just because I like it..

Baka-akaB3181d ago

They intended it like this , and it's actually working the way they intended .

YOU find it broken because you dont like it and that's pretty much it .
And so far the online feature hasnt really divided the D souls community .

There are various reasons the game is supposed to be for a niche . i'm not saying that it's for a select few elites , that would be crap and BS , but it means it's not for everyone's taste period .

Again those that can't deal with it have so any other games available , while there is hardly another demon souls out there

poeo3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

eww, invites and/or voice chat would f*cking ruin the game. it's designed as mainly a single player game that focuses heavily on ATMOSPHERE, and i mean heavily, there's not even any music (except boss battles). if you had kids and idiots screaming "f*g" every two minutes, the game would not work as intended. it would be horrible.

i'm such a huge fan of the online portion that all these demands to make it like _everything else_ (go play RE5 co-op or COD Zombies or whatever if you just wanna have fun with friends) is really maddening to me. Demon's Souls is my favorite online game on PS3 BECAUSE of the fact that it's so tightly integrated into the single player that it doesnt ruin the immersion at all.

and besides, it IS easy to play with friends as long as they are around the same level (im lvl 175 and can play with anyone from 155-195). i play with people on my friends list every day, only takes a few seconds to agree where to meet up... it's not that hard.

Baka-akaB3181d ago

I can only wholeheartly agree with Poeo here .
It's all part of the settings and mood of the game . And to this day , the online is quite active between pvp and grouping . I dunno how the us will fare , but the asian servers are still thriving and lively .

And like said above , if you really wanna break the game's mold and go against said online designs , you even still can .

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Scarecrows3181d ago

im a ps3 fanboy. get it?

wxer3181d ago

grow the f*ck up

Kamikaze1353181d ago

He's only kidding around...perhaps you're the one who needs to grow up since you're offended by this comment >_>

wxer3181d ago

im not offended man
but comon hes acting like a kid

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