Joystiq: PAX 2009: Battlefield 1943 producer talks lack of DLC

Joystiq writes: "We spoke with Battlefield 1943 producer Gordon Van Dyke at PAX and asked him why there hasn't been any DLC at all for the game so popular it crashed servers and broke sales records. The main reason? DICE is busy. Apparently it's working so hard on the next two Battlefield games that it doesn't have time to show BF1943 any extra love at all, which is a bit perplexing given the popularity of the title. "

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glennc3355d ago

i don't think it is releasing DLC for DLC's sake, not when there are only 3 damn maps. it is kinda required they will miss a great opportunity to keep the momentum going until BC2 drops. then we can step straight into that game with no slowdown of action. 1943 is a great idea to get people over from COD but don't blow it by appearing to show no love to it after it is released. you have to keep up the momentum durung MW2 release. i'll take 1943 over MW2 multiplayer any day.

this should have been their strategy from the beginning... 3 maps and then 3 more in about 3-4 months after release. that would be the smart move, but i can see their side of the story given how notorious the industry is for overworking employees.

what if we ask nicely DICE?

Pandamobile3354d ago

Battle... Field... 3?

My pants just tightened.

iWRECK3329d ago

ok idk about 1943 over mdwf2 multiplayer, were not even sure what its truely gunna be like, obvi its not gunna be as open and big as 43' or mag but iw never fails lol, but i say they shouldnt waste there time on dlc