Spring Update - Revocation List

360GameSaves tells that in the Spring Update, Microsoft has implemented a new protection against gamesaving by using 360GameSaves gamesave archive against them. Microsoft went through 360GameSaves gamesave archive and downloaded all the saves, then everyone who has uploaded saves in the past has had their current local "ConsoleID" values added to a Console Revocation List implemented in the new spring update.

Any gamesave coming from these ConsoleID values is now recognized as corrupt in the latest update. Which means if your on the list, saves created on your console will now only work on your console. Your transfer privledges have been revoked.

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KMxRetro4235d ago'll have to actually PLAY your games. What a shame.

WilliamRLBaker4235d ago

This was mostly to keep people from artificially buffing their gamer scores or not playing games at all to get gamer scores.

sak5004235d ago

SO hopefully the people who have done it will get their scores reset at the worst. They'll be back to couple of hundred points instead of in high thousands.

FreeMonk4235d ago

Microsoft fix something like Game Saves where they loose no cash at all, yet they don't fix backup copies being allowed to run on the X360 with a dvd firmware update!

Microsoft need to sort something out!

kornbeaner4235d ago

thats one of the main reason why I would get a 360.

I don't really want a 360 for the reason being not many games intrest me enough to actually drop $60 a title. So if I can Try these games out then it makes my want to buy the system. So then when a game like Bioshock or Gears of War is released, Since I already have the system I WILL more then gladly drop the $60 to buy these games.

It's seems wrong and the law says it's wrong, but if it's gonna make me buy a system and blockbuster titles or ever orignal IP's that are MS exclusives then am all for leaving the system as is.

BIadestarX4235d ago

It's the business model they have to protect.. you are wrong.. when it comes to they not losing money... It can completely destroy the purpose of even having achivements...

Also, things are being worked by priority... this is a big one believe it or not. Things take time. Once can argue the same about PSN... why is Sony not working faster? Well, they are.. things take time.

Grown Folks Talk4235d ago

for college rosters on ncaa football and college hoops 2k7. it's better than typing in all that crap yourself. cheatcodes disallow achievements anyways from my understanding. let me use my rosters.

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