Gotham 4 to Feature Bikes says they have confirmation from both European and American sources, Gotham 4 will carry a vast array of motorcycles from the world's leading manufacturers. Right now, licensing deals are under way and as such, the code recently seen by their spies was displaying bikes on tracks with little in the way of official livery.

Perhaps the best news is that bikes and cars will be competing head-to-head in both on and offline versions of the game. Spong was told the bikes can crash, though this element of the code was not complete so unfortunately, everyone can only imagine the marvellous Road Rash-style mishaps that will result.

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Pheneus4237d ago

Even the most basic ninja bike is much faster and more agile than any racer short of a serious exotic. You would be hard pressed to find a ferrari that could keep up with any high end bike.

Blasphemy4237d ago

Well the news is from sponge so its not a very reliable source.

ITR4237d ago

The Atom could keep up. =)

P4KY B4237d ago

If the tracks are twisty enough the cars could win because they can have greater corner speed.
The problem lies with bikes and cars taking different lines around corners. That will result in lots of collisions.
I ride a Kwak Ninja myself.

M4RK19884237d ago

Please don't put bikes in a car game, they don't mix well.

power of Green 4237d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

If true bikes and cars can be a blast if done right; cars and bikes can mix well. I play TDU all the time and bikes with cars make great racing in my opinion if done right. Atari got it right with Test Drive Unlimited.

PS360PCROCKS4237d ago

Ahhhh this is sooo awesome!!! Why r u all complaining?! Dude this game will look amazing and so will the bikes and it will be fun to race bikes online. Plus u can have duels with friends to see if u can beat them in a car this is really cool! I want this badly cause motogp was so lame

sajj3164237d ago

- Leave it up to the developer to balance bikes and cars without making it feel too arcade-like. You'll have the option to choose between bike and car. If Dev makes this balanced, shouldn't be an issue ... more of a preference.

- Makes things fresh ... almost Motostorm-like but on the streets minus the chaos. Weather effects are nice but PGR needs an update.

- PGR is a racing game. Its not NASCAR, its not Mariokart, its a RACING game. Its not limited to cars. Heck if they gave me nitro-infused shopping carts, I'd race it.

PS360PCROCKS4237d ago

Thank you. I totally agree with you their. and lol nitro-infused shopping carts, lol BRILLIANT! Haha that would be so much fun lol I am going to develop that one. "We're happy to announce today that Midway is developing "Nitro Kart" all the elements of speed packed into the small metal frame of a shopping cart all with the horrible turning radius. Blur effects will amaze you as the wind smacks your character in the face with lifelike hair animations. Game will also feature upgradeable nitro boosters, wheels and weight reduction kits. So get ready to ride on two wheels round those corners"

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The story is too old to be commented.