Square Enix confirms FF13 on December 17th, $100

Square Enix has confirmed the final release date for the Japanese version of Final Fantasy XIII officially.

Yoichi Wada took to the stage minutes ago at the Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party over in Japan and announced that the game would debut on December 17th 2009 for 8800 Yen, roughly 95 US dollars.

With tax, the price of the game will rise a little further to around 9250 Yen, or bang on 100 dollars at today's exchange rate.

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patterson3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

$100??? Well there goes my plan on importing out the window. I know Japan loves Final Fantasy but man this is borderline self sabatoge.

But hey, I could be wrong, maybe it's still going to sell like crazy and if not, I'm sure they'll drop that price soon enough.

Lucreto3015d ago

I would pay that even if the game is gimped. It would be my MW2.

SpoonyRedMage3015d ago

Well they charged a ridiculious amount for Dragon Quest IX as well and look how that went...(inredibly well that'd be).

patterson3015d ago

How much were they selling Dragon Quest IX?

AP3015d ago

Very expensive. Importers are going to have a headache. With decently fast shipping, this could cost 120 or so to actually get.

Sarcasm3015d ago

And we thought Activision was money hungry.

SpoonyRedMage3015d ago

DQIX was the equivalent of $65 I think, which is a LOT for a DS game. They also pushed a lot of merchandise as well.

Equinoxe_73015d ago

That what games cost here in denmark, but many import games too.

lordgodalming3015d ago

FF titles always sell for a premium in Japan. This isn't surprising news, but it is still bad news for importers. :(

crck3015d ago

Games in Japan are not priced like they are in the US. They pretty much have a different price for every game unlike the US which has a flat $60 suggested retail price. I believe Star Ocean 4 was sold at close to the same price.

Sarcasm3015d ago

"Games in Japan are not priced like they are in the US."

Man that really sucks. If that same sort of thing happened in the U.S. I'm pretty sure Kotick would charge $120 for MW2.

evrfighter3015d ago


weren't they talkin about DLC too...

AKNAA3015d ago

Even I would never pay that much!!! Great work SE, take full advantage of your loyal hardcore customer in Japan! the same people who made you what you are today.
Man, they better not pull that bullsh1t here!

Syronicus3015d ago

I think it is safe to say...


lordgodalming3015d ago

@ everyone freaking out:

In Japan FF games ALWAYS launch between 8000-9000 yen, or around $90 depending on the current exchange rate. This is not shocking, or even really news. This is normal. The game will still be $60 when it lands stateside, unless you want the limited edition, which will be more.

FarEastOrient3015d ago

Oh my God! My poor wallet.... grumble... grumble... and a PS3 Slim with FFXIII Bundle, geez forget a price cut, I need a raise.

ABizzel13015d ago

What a rip off. They better do this in Japan only like they usually do, because this isn't going to fly anywhere else.

OMG, what if they made the PS3 version $100, and made the 360 version $60. I highly doubt that would ever happen, but Square hasn't been using their brains to the fullest this gen.

mastiffchild3015d ago

I remeber this happening in Japan with a few games and often, I think, FF releases , at least, start of with a premiom price tag out there-it's not something new and I know DQ9 was searer than the usual DS game as well.

Thing is it's never been the case in the west and JRPGs haven't sold that well so far this generation(for whatever reson you prefer)on home consoles so to reproduce this price hike in the west could actually harm the sales of FF13-esp when you think that UK/EU/Aus gamers already pay nearly what they're asking for this in Japan. In Sweded, IIRC, games can actually copst m,ore than this anyway so to raise it further would be incredible to my thinking.

Anyway, it's not a new thing in Japan, and so far hasn't been something they've carried out worldwide so no need for us to panic just yet.

MAiKU3015d ago


foxtheory3015d ago

that it doesn't go for $100 here in the US!!!

njr3015d ago

If this is really the case, change the title to 8800 yen so people don't spazz out.

GameGambits3015d ago

I was thinking about seriously importing the Japanese Version if I couldn't understand it just to play it since 2009 is a pretty slim year for games I know I'll buy day one.

However, that's a bit steep for a game I can't understand, so I'll just wait for the cheap 60 dollar version for my PS3 instead. :)

I wonder though if games cost 60 bucks in Japan too for new releases like FF13, then what would the sales #'s for PS3 and FF13 look like? I mean that'd be a steal in their books.

G3TDOWN3015d ago

stupid developer you can tell they are HUNGRY for money...

First, they announced it for 360 and now 100 bucks ?

Look at GT5... GT5 is still $60 and I think it requires more work

JUST DONT BUY the game for a month... they will Drop the price

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FiftyFourPointTwo3015d ago

100$?! Microsoft is that you?

VsAssassin3015d ago

SE is really showing their bones here.

El Botto3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Did they raise the price of the game?

Or simply exchange rate results? Cos 100 bucks, I can get two games for that amount.

EDIT: well there you go:

"or bang on 100 dollars at today's exchange rate."

Be cool, people. Its probably just 60 bucks when it releases in the Spring.

ukilnme3015d ago

Lol. I don't think MS ever said people would be willing to work more than one job just to buy their console. So...Sony, is that you?

Missan3015d ago

You don't need two jobs to afford $600 console. Just save up across 2 months and there it is.

Etseix3015d ago

so.. in other words.. Square waste a lot of money doing shetty xbox 360 games, and now they want to get all the money they lost, putting a ps3 game more expensive?

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Wiitactics3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

How can anybody stop crying when a FF games could have been more if it had stayed exclusive!

Each FF game takes like 3 to 5 years for Square to develop and every entry must be at the highest quality because they don't make sequels. But now thanks to the Sh1tbox we'll get a gimped down version of a game that will probably be good but that could have been even better! It could have been the first FF game to be released with dual audio and with lots and lots of content thanks to the blu-ray.

When FF fans talk about FF is not the same as people talking about Gaylo or Call of Duty because those games are nothing compared to the legendary FF franchise. FF is on a league of its own, just like Metal Gear. Or at least it was...

Missan3015d ago

Those who deny the 360 gimped this game are just crazy. It' kinda obvious.

AngryTypingGuy3015d ago

Isn't FF more than one disc on the Xbox? How are they gimping it down? Not for storage reasons. Processing? The 360 can do every bit as much as the PS3, and it would look just as good if it were PS3 exclusive.

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thereapersson3015d ago

Why so inherently expensive?

commodore643015d ago

It would be logical to suggest that the high price is due to the fact that the ps3 is demonstrably difficult and expensive to develop for and thus incurred higher additional costs that needed to be recouped by the developer in the form of higher prices.

What other explanation could there be?

Da One3015d ago

That's an explanation

OgTheClever3015d ago

To pay for the extra DVDs the 360 version uses.

Homicide3015d ago

That's how much games cost in Japan. DS games in Japan cost around $60. Hell that FFVII Blu-ray movie with the FFXIII demo cost around $70, and it still sold!

Anon19743015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Developers have commented in the past on the cost of development. The Wii's the cheapest and the PS3/360 are comparable, and this was before Sony slashed the cost of their development tools this past March.

As for more difficult to develop for, is it more difficult or just different? That's really just a matter of opinion. There have been plenty of developers that don't seem to have any problem putting out quality products on the PS3, and they've made a tidy profit at the same time.

In the end, Commodore's notion that the PS3 is the reason for a price hike is laughable. It's funny that he claims it's "logical" to assume...blah blah..blah. It would be logical to assume that if PS3 games cost more to make, then all PS3 games would be more expensive, not just this one. This is clearly not the case.

The price is simple. The US dollar isn't as strong. The Yen has appreciated in value against the US dollar by approx 25%, so it takes more US bucks now to make the same money for Japanese developers.

DelbertGrady3015d ago

I think he was being sarcastic though.

commodore643014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

There goes darkride again, stalking my comments like a nutjob

We can rely on him to serve up a never ending stream of pro-sony spin and outright lies, despite overwhelming evidence in my favour.

Here's the truth:

you've been proven wrong again.
show some character for once.

Anon19743014d ago

Classic Commodore. When you've lost an argument and don't have a response, distract. "Look over there! OMG."

You know I'm right which is why you're trying to switch to something unrelated. Why don't you try sticking to the points being discussed?

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LJWooly3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

I have enough trouble parting with £40 for most of my games, so sod that... then again I've never imported a game from another country in my life. Still, that's lame and doesn't fly with cheapskate tight-fisted bastards like myself.

I'm having second thoughts about buying it when it comes over here, anyway... so I was obviously goin' to dislike this anyway.