Storytelling in MGS; Why Kojima Just Got Carried Away

Gamer Limit writes "The Metal Gear Solid series, an epic of almost perfect game design stretched over 4 absolutely fantastic games on 3 systems, is undoubtably (and rightly) one of the most heralded chronicles in gaming history.

From graphics to sound, tactics to weapons, characters to level design and pacing – it's unlikely that many other titles come close to demonstrating the power of the Playstation."

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StartWars2998d ago

I suspect if there was some quality control at Konami the storyline would be cut down considerably.

Saaking2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Quality Control? MGS is one of the finest series ever, and MGS4 is technically flawless. No bugs whatsoever. If anyone needs quality control it surely isn't Kojima. We don't understand the Zelda Timeline yet it's one of the greatest series around. Same thing with MGS.

Winter47th2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

He can get carried away all he wants, that's why I support him every chance I get, for the people complaining "tis like ah movee not veedyo game!1" got a lot of other sub par alternatives they can buy instead, no need to criticize a man that's spent 3 decades in the videogames business, if anybody knows what he's doing, it's Kojima. And he's doing it right.

deadreckoning6662998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

He got extremely carried away with MGS4 IMO, it woulda been better if he cut it down a little. I found it funny that it still went on even after the credits lol. Technically the game was flawless, but I found myself skipping alotta cutscenes during Big Mama's introduction.

jjohan352998d ago

MGS4 was what made the entire franchise epic. It told the story of an entire universe, not just one episode. It outshined MGS 1, 2, and 3 combined (no easy task). What I also like about Hideo's style is that he's willing to be at the bleeding edge of technology to create that fantastic universe. So many loose ends were tied together in MGS4. If the plot was any simpler, it would have been boring and predictable.

badz1492998d ago

what quality control are you talking about? in term of quality, not even a handful of games come close to what he has done with MGS4! it's quality at its finest! I agree that the MGS universe is somewhat very complicated but who really does that for a video game?? that's why I respect him and love what he has done with MGS! MGS4 is still among the top picks for the best game this gen IMO!

gamejediben2998d ago

This reminds me a lot of how J.R.R. Tolkein got tons of complaints about how his Lord of the Rings novels were too long and had "WAY TOO MUCH BACKSTORY!!!" LOL

People were like "We just wanted a sequel to the Hobbit and now you just royally screwed up your series with too much boring narrative" But as it would turn out, Lord of the Rings got made into the most successful film trilogy of all time and we are STILL waiting to see the Hobbit adapted into a film. And Tolkein is now considered the greatest literary mind of the 20th century with more prints of TLotR in circulation than any book ever made except the Bible.

My point: Geniuses think alike. Whiners need to STFU because in a few years you are going to eat your words... with interest.

meepmoopmeep2998d ago

there's great medication for sufferer's of A.D.D

unless you're into Scientology

shadow27972997d ago

I wish more developers would get carried away. The story is part of the entertainment. Is it complicated? Yes, but it's completely unpredictable. And regardless of medium, you can't say that about many stories. I'd rather have a story I'm actually interested in instead of whatever the hell Gears of War was about.

The MGS games are some of the most memorable for me BECAUSE of the convoluted story. I can't even count the number of times my mind's been blown because of all the twists and turns.

Btw, it seems the author completely forgot about Ocelot's conversation with the President at the end of MGS1. Kojima didn't think he'd get a sequel? BS. Metal Gear. Metal Gear 2. By the time Kojima got to MGS1, he knew he could continue the series if he wished. I understand his point, but if you step back and look at it, the story makes sense. It's not like it's full of contradictions. It's just complicated. This entire article almost seems like it's been edited from being an article on George Lucas and Star Wars. "Storytelling in Star Wars. Why Lucas Got Carried Away".

Headshot812997d ago

Sh!t, my roomate played through MGS4, and he understood what was going on and a little of the history from the story(he hasn't even played the past MG's!). The game achieved perfection. Kojima was able to give core information to the gamers who haven't touch a mgs game, yet he also added alot of details for the die hard fans to analyze. I still dont see how "cutscenes interupted the flow of the game", considering that they were amazing and always had me at the edge of my seat. You dont pick up a MG game thinking that it should have quick 10sec cut scenes, the franchise is known for its gameplay and its ability to tell a cinematic story. MGS4 is the final chapter for christ sakes! it needs to be as long as it has to to end the story right!

randomwiz2997d ago

there's nothing wrong with the story.

If you play through the game for the first time without any interruptions every day, you want to watch the cutscenes.

If you want to replay, or play only a small portion of the game, the cutscenes are annoying.

Kornholic2997d ago

MGS's are cultural shocks for dumb, fat americans because they're used to games and movies with simpler storylines: kill everyone that moves.

Halo 3...

cmrbe2997d ago

for genius like Kojima. We shouldn't limit them.

SinnedNogara2997d ago

Well, a Democratic of Congo reference makes this a good article /sarcasm.

For some reason I understand the complexity of the story. It's why I never skip the cutscenes. It works for me. But I agree that some stuff seems un-needed (like the FoxDie mutation).

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thedoctor2998d ago

You have to consider this from the point of view that Hideo Kojima is considered a "god" by a fair amount of gamers. Since MGS's massive appeal in both gameplay and storytelling, you'd have to be a fool to want to mediate Kojima's writing.

However, by the fourth instalment, if it is still as "odd" as many people claim - I've only played the first two titles - then there definitely needs to be some quality control, if only for the fact that Konami could be losing sales.

syvergy2998d ago

I agree, I think Kojima was basically given a completely loose rope and as a result his later games weren't as tight, story wise.

jjohan352998d ago

Would you rather have a generic 3rd person shooter that ends in less than 8 hours? Give me a break. Hideo is pushing the limits of gaming, blurring the boundaries between a video game and a cinematic experience. He doesn't get enough credit.

GrahameG2998d ago

It's different horses for different courses.

Kojima provides self referential, overly in depth games with dialogue that does nothing to further the main story arc. Much like many film directors do.

However it works, the MGS series has carved itself a niche in games that many others would kill to have.

Want subtlety and vagueness of story, go play ICO or Shadow of the Colossus. It's the variety of the gaming landscape that makes it so enjoyable. If everything followed the same template then creativity would be dead.

Remember when psycho mantis got you to put your pad on the floor for the first time? Was that really necessary to get the point across he was telekinetic? No it wasn't, but it f*cking rocked all the same.

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." - Scott Adams

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