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Saints Row for PS3 cancelled by THQ

Some bad news for Playsation 3 fans today. THQ just released it's fiscal year sales and for the 12th year in a row the company made record sales. In addition to good sales new games in the franchises Company of Heroes and Saints Row have been announced as well as a cancellation of Saints Row (1) for the Playstation 3.

The personnel that worked on the Playstation 3 port of the Xbox 360 free-roaming title Saints Row have now been transferred to the new Saints Row game that is coming in 2008 for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. No Saints Row for Playstation 3, but Saints Row 2 will for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. No details or screenshots of the new Saints Row have been given. (PS3, Saints Row)

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Tommie  +   3039d ago
I guess it's better this way. Developement on Saints Row 2 will be a lot faster :P
Satanas  +   3039d ago
This makes sense to me, I'm sure most would be fine with waiting on a sequel.
TheXgamerLive  +   3039d ago
That's to bad.
I think everybody should be able to drive thru "FRECKLE B1TCHES" for a fist (burger) or two.

FRECKLE B1TCHES " Ya can't beat our meat!!"

The best restaurant in any video game.
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THC PRITCHARD  +   3039d ago
been to t-h-q where is the official news?
lil bush  +   3039d ago
well at least part 2 will be made for the ps3 so its not all that bad...........
Violater  +   3039d ago
i didn't even know there was supposed to be a ps3 version
HaKeRsCanRotINHEL  +   3039d ago
All man, that forking sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh' well, at least their making SR 2 for PS3. [Q~]
fenderputty  +   3039d ago
Who cares ...
I would rather a game deved for both systems at the same time then, have a port of an older 360 game anyway. I'm not saying it wouldn't be nice to have more games on the PS3 but, I am saying that at least we're getting numero 2 so it's not soo bad.
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techie  +   3039d ago
GTA4 might fill the gap...or dare i say The Getaway?
Rockstar  +   3039d ago
Aw Yeah!
The getaway.
How much fun will that be?

Answer: Alot!
Antan  +   3039d ago
A wise decision.
Phantom_Lee  +   3039d ago
good idea..
since the release date is pretty close to GTA4..and whats the point of buying SR when u can buy GTA..
consolecrusader  +   3039d ago
Seriously this game was trash for the 360 and it would have been trash for the PS3....
sabbath420  +   3038d ago
Sore looser.
tehcellownu  +   3039d ago
the game wasnt all that good..but buildin a large library of games wouldnt hurt and help the ps3..sony better announce more great games this e3..
Premonition  +   3039d ago
Saints row is a good game
But i dont see a problem with them not bringing it to PS3, because by the time they would have GTA 4 would have been right around the corner.
xfrgtr  +   3039d ago
Bad news?Thar's very good news
Kuest  +   3039d ago
True, Fx.
Very true... but only because GTA4 is pratically gold. Still, Saint's Row wasn't that good of game, more like a spirit of the moment thing. I actually bought the game (I know right?) for like two week. Sold it the next month. Simply put, it has the "flash and dazzle" of a good game but none of the depth.
Rockstar  +   3039d ago
No real loss and the second one is coming so if you want to play a saints row you still can.
Zinswin  +   3039d ago
No loss for you PS3 guys... the game was about 30 minutes of entertainment before I started to get annoyed at how over the top and offensive they TRIED to be.
Covenant  +   3039d ago
Well, at least PS3 owners will get SR2. Better than nothing, I suppose. One of my friends will be disappointed.

Just one problem: From now on, any game released on both systems will automatically be subject to the usual fanboyism of comparing peni...I mean, screenshots...of each version so they can talk about who has the bigger chips, or something like that. At least this way, the inevitable comparisons will have to wait for SR2.
bootsielon  +   3039d ago
Same with condemned
Condemned used to be in development for PS3, but got cancelled because the PS3 was delayed. There was no point in releasing Saints Row with no added content on the PS3, especially when it's so old. If it was finished, of course they would have got it out the door. But the sales are gonna be poor for being so old and lacking content, and it's not even finished. Since the sequel is coming, it's useless to make it. Same with Full Auto and Oblivion (which got re-made for PS3).
spacetoilet  +   3039d ago
I played the 360 one which my brother in law claimes is 'better' than gta games.....pffft! What a load of crap. IT's crap and I wont miss it.
MikeGdaGod  +   3039d ago
i got it for 360 and didn't like then, still probably wouldn't like it now
Sly  +   3039d ago
that game sucked anyways i don't know what was the big hype about in the first place. MAYBE the second game will live up to me GrandTheftAuto fanyboy expectations.
Bathyj  +   3039d ago
Its good they cancelled it. Even if PS3 wasn't getting part 2, no one would have bought this. I bought it when it first came out but took it back after a couple days. (Thank you EB games 7 day trial period.)

About the only thing this game had over GTA (aside from better graphics, a given) was that you could shoot in any direction while driving. In fact I guess the shooting was better over all in SR but still not as good a game as GTA.

You listening Rockstar? How about some good 3rd person shooting controls this time as well as an aim mode while driving.
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   3039d ago
cause anything they did that was good.
rockstar will do it great.
it`s hard to follow in the footsteps of a giant.

think about it.
Figboy  +   3039d ago
am i the only one that thought Saints Row on the 360 sucked? i mean, really, really sucked bad?

my roommate has a 360, and he rented it, and it was mediocre at best, yet a few notches above the True Crime series.

i enjoy Crackdown much more than Saints Row. i'm glad it's not coming to the PS3. i think GTAIV will be more than enough when it's released this October, as well as the Getaway, which i'm waiting to see if it'll address some it's predecessors issues.

Saint's Row 2? god help us all, really. i'm sure, since it's an early 2008 release, that they'll just be aping whatever innovations GTAIV come up with, like the blantant ripping off they did of the previous GTAs.
not impressed1  +   3039d ago
i think saints row was a great game and GTAIV will steal innovations from it aswell, doesnt bother me though only makes the games better.
Maddens Raiders  +   3039d ago
*yawn* -
...next. 2008's rendetion would've run laps around this one anyway with the sloppy port scenarios we've seen. Smart move, if totally true.
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Pheneus  +   3039d ago
It just wouldn't make sense to put it out this late
oblivion is a different story as it was game of the year to many, saints row was a decent but buggy and formulaic game.
THC PRITCHARD  +   3039d ago
next should be MMo
shysun  +   3039d ago
Cool,I can live with that.
Saint Sony  +   3038d ago
Better to get version 2 from the scratch than version 1 as a crappy port (it might have been crappy, not sure though)
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