New Star Wars Battlefront is Exclusive

Rumors surrounding the next installment of the Star Wars Battlefront series have been swirling around the Internet for months. However, it's unlikely that most net jockeys saw where the franchise was headed given that its publisher, LucasArts, announced today that its next visit to the BF universe will be a PSP exclusive slated for release this September.

Officially known as "Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron," the all-new project is in development from the UK team at Rebellion Studios (Alien vs. Predator, Judge Dredd) and will offer an all-new storyline in the single-player mode and some of the most robust PSP multiplayer options IGN has seen thus far in the PSP's library.

More information and several all new screenshots available.

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ben hates you4210d ago

next gen not hand held come one

Covenant4210d ago

Don't know if this will help the PSP's sluggish sales, but it can't hurt, especially if they get the multiplayer aspect right.

BubblesDAVERAGE4210d ago

Just because its not doing as good as the Ds dosnet mean its sluggish. by your logic all systems are doing bad.Also psp does better then any oter sstem that ever faced the DS..

cuco334210d ago

^ last i checked the psp was the only system to go up against the ds

i own a psp. it sucks. big time. if it weren't for mine being modded it would have been sold long time ago on ebay. the only thing it has working for it is the modability which sony doesn't want in the first place
u can say as bad as dark_alex may seem to sony reps, he probably is a savior in everyone else's eyes

gta_cb4209d ago

i dont know if you own a PSP and i dont know if you have played Star Wars Battlefront 2 on it, but i have. i have also played Star Wars Battlefront 2 on the xbox. now i have had loads of fun on the xbox playing this title but when i got it for my PSP it was no where as good!

the fact the PSP doesnt have 2 analog sticks is a mayjor thing i think with this game, especially when your in a battle and need to aim higher or lower, you have to press and hold R or L and move the analog stick. where as on the xbox you can aim with one analoy stick and move with the other. havnt tried it on the PS2 as when i tried it on the xbox i was on my mates console (i owned a PS2 but didnt buy the game)

if they can do something about this issue then it could be a great game, and please no one say it isnt, because if your playing especially against mates (using WiFi AdHoc) then you cant have as intense battle, it just seems sloooower =(

gta_cb4209d ago

your right man! if the PSP couldnt be modded then it wouldnt have sold as well as it has, i have got people to buy the PSP only by telling them i could install custom fw on it. Not for playing games off the mem card but to run homebrew like PimpStreamer etc i also have custom fw 3.02 OE-A and yes i know its up to about 3.40 but i didnt want to run PS1 games on it so im happy with my games which at the moment i think only require fw 2.81

when the PSP has more games on it maybe like this one then maybe we will see greater ammounts of them sold, but until then im staying with my custom fw 3.02 OE-A (done by Dark_Alex aka "savior" lol)

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TriggerHappy4210d ago

products getting special start wars treatment.

cdawson4210d ago

You gotta be kidding me....does anyone actually OWN a Psp?!

I think they're just trying to fill the void while they work on Indiana jones and the force unleashed. I think we'll see a next gen BF after those come out.

Sly4210d ago (Edited 4210d ago )

alright don't care,as long as if it's good online then it'll be alright.

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