Blue Dragon Achievements Are Pootastic

They say that Achievement Points aren't a selling point for games or systems. I don't care who you are or how you feel about role playing games, if you don't have the folowing achievements on your gamertag once Blue Dragon is released stateside, you ain't nothing.

Kotaku don't care if you suffered through the entirety of Cabela's Alaskan Adventures just to pad your score. Until you beat the golden poo snake...

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fenderputty4237d ago

This made me laugh loud enough for people at my work to look at me wierd.

Saint Sony4237d ago

Haha, hunt for the golden poo snake. That is something Van Damme could film.

Covenant4237d ago


I'm still going to buy it, tho. RPGs are like an addiction to me.

Covenant4237d ago

In Conker: Live and Reloaded, one of the bosses was a giant mound of...poo. You beat him by throwing toilet paper rolls into his mouth.

Golden Poo Snake...I think flushing may be involved. Matter of fact, I think I met him the other night, after a trip to Taco Bell... :)

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