Teaser of Haze

Ubisoft releases a new video of Haze, their jungle FPS with a pinch of Starship Troopers for the military cynism.

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CaliGamer4150d ago

In PSM they have an exclusive this month on HAZE and it looks like its shaping up to be very good. This is one to watch for sure.

Siesser4150d ago

Yeah, I was pretty impressed by PSM's preview of the game; especially the side affects that occur to you and your teammates. Makes for interesting random gameplay.

Jamaicangmr4150d ago

Ok what was that supposed to be? I need more am sorry.

lil bush4150d ago

well lets hope the game will be better than this trailer, but im sure it will.....

The_Firestarter4150d ago

This is gonna be awesome! ^__^

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The story is too old to be commented.