Crackdown Free and Premium Downloadable Content Released Today

Microsoft has released the free and premium downloadable content for Crackdown for the Xbox 360. The premium version costs 800 points and will include three new vehicles, new weapons, co-op game types and an Agent cloaking device.

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likeaboss3024207d ago

Where is my missing 100 acheivement points? Do I get that for playing the Halo 3 beta?

Evil Rant Monkey4206d ago

We are not only getting the 100 achievement points, but also 250 extra on top of that.
It'll be a 1250 point game!

General4207d ago

Are they on the Market place now?

Havince4207d ago

The ability to place ramps ANYWHERE now i can work at doing all them stunt rings

anyone downloaded the 800point stuff yet....whats the co-op stuff ?????

Black Republican4207d ago

someone PLEASE tell
me the difference between the premium and free one (besides the obvious; one is free, one is not lol)

I want to know my work has these links blocked DAMN IT

dalectrics4207d ago

isn't on the marketplace yet - innacurate

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