Official SimCity DS Trailer

Electronic Arts is bringing a remake of PC classic SimCity to the Nintendo DS this summer.

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PS360WII4238d ago

Sim City on DS! I've been waiting a long time since I first heard of it. That's pretty cool with blowing out the fires, rubbing out the criminals, saving the UFO victims, and even bombing (seemed like it at least) King Kong. Plus you have the city to build in the first place! Oh yeah I'll be making cities for sure. Although I do think I read that you can only have one city at a time :( kind of upsetting but you have to take the bad with the good

ITR4238d ago

Has anyone ever used all 129 mbs on the DS card?

It would be nice if they made 500mb and 1GB verisons.

PS360WII4238d ago

If a game has filled up one. Probably FFIII is the closest contender for that. For sure that would be nice for a 500mb and 1GB!

Pheneus4238d ago

that they would make age of empires titles for this machine that didn't suck. If you can make sim city I don't see why you can't make good RTS games also. Online play in the palm of your hand would be incredible. Just putting Starcraft on the DS would be a million seller guaranteed. Especially in Korea.