Images from Square Enix's conference

Forever Fantasy has uploaded 15 images from Square Enix's conference today. Enjoy!

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Pheneus3936d ago

looking at the backs of numerous japanese suited people.

Bebedora3935d ago

This game looks better than the last FF of characters featured with their androgen faces and bodies. Dare I say drag-queen like atmosphere.

Last Remnant looks more to my like and style.

note: Not that FF12 is bad but hey, they could have done better in some parts, right?

calderra3935d ago

I still can't believe I've seen a real screen that says there'll be a simultaneous US/Japan Release from SE- and on both 360 and PS3 nonetheless!

This doesn't seem physically possible...

kewlkat0073935d ago

I said the same thing, who would of thought eh?

Like 5 years ago you would of just seen a PS symbol with the release dates.

Times have

WilliamRLBaker3935d ago

Or does Last rem seem like a dynatasy warriors game? thats atleast what one of the screenies looks like...

TriggerHappy3935d ago

meh to me, I taught this game was using the unreal graphics engine, wtf am i seeing ? why does it look like a next gen cell shaded game ? if i remember correctly, gears of war used the unreal engine and produced decent graphics. ???

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