Gaming Laptop Buyers Guide

"Trying to find the right Gaming Laptop isn't easy. There is so many out there and you need to know what to look for in a gaming laptop..."

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AntMad3122d ago

But I don't need a gaming laptop right now

Christopher3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

Perhaps if you're brand new to gaming, but honestly I didn't find it at all useful. In fact, I was very much looking for more information in relationship to what is offered today for better gaming laptops.

If you're new to gaming or just looking for a laptop that could also do gaming, I'd look at the HP dv6 or dv7 series of laptops. Good enough gaming machines for today but with some nice HD/Blu-ray options and still lighter than gaming computers in general. Not bad battery life either.

Note: I wasn't the one to disagree with you, seems weird that someone would in general since it's only your opinion.

JosieKelly3122d ago

I don't know whether to choose a gaming laptop or a PS3 Slim...

Citroen3122d ago

it's down to which games you like more...if you like the solid PS3 titles and exclusives you go for that, and if you like PC titles go for the laptop.

iNetWatch3122d ago

I know which one I'd pick...

lyvon3122d ago

Looking at what's available and bang for buck, I'd say go for the PS3, or the PS3 Slim... honestly why a gaming laptop?

Pandamobile3122d ago

How the hell can you compare the two?

Major_Tom3122d ago

Panda is right how the hell can you compare the two?

Mr Bean Laden3122d ago

make sure you buy a mouse with the gaming labtop!!!

PS3 slim is really good

since I already have a PS3 and play on PC sometimes, I'm looking into getting a labtop soley for gaming

Pandamobile3122d ago

If you really are looking for a gaming laptop, stay away from Alienware.

Look into Sagen or MSI, or Asus. They make good lappies.

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joydestroy3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

m17x is all i gotta say

EDIT: i'd like to recommend

Midgard2283122d ago

my new laptop is fine.....tho my gf just got one and it has a 9600m gt nvidea in it....hope that will last her a while or she WILL kill me lol. im sure it shud run Aion just fine, she's mostly using it for MMo's.....i guess sunday will tell if its good enough or not lol