10 PC games every PC gamer should play

Brutal Gamer writes - 'New to the PC? Step inside...

Welcome to the wonderful world of PC gaming. Take a look around. 3… 2…. 1… You're overwhelmed aren't you? You're just looking at the literally thousands of titles your friends who do play on PC have talked about and those you have never even heard of and wondering just what you have gotten yourself into.'

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Alcon Caper3362d ago

I was an old school PC gamer and it's definitely debatable as to which games need to be in this 10-Should-Play-List. But when you include older games like Diablo 2 and Half Life, you can't just stop there. To truly appreciate PC gaming you gotta go back a little further. It's different for everyone, so for me, the keyboard/mouse based Sierra Games are the epitome of PC gaming.

Kings Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Hero's Quest (before QFG), even Leisure Suit Larry, are all games that every PC gamer should play. They offer puzzle solving that is only restricted to what you can type. I always felt that the point and click interface was the downfall of adventure games (as was

It's a fairly decent list. For my tastes, though, I'd rather explore a gamut of games that extends to before video cards.

...also, in such a modern list like this, where's WoW?

Odion3362d ago

Here here, guy is def a younger chap if he thinks thats the must play 10

mrv3213362d ago

They should also add star control 2 to the list, or the fan remake 'the ur-quan masters' which is COMPLETELY free.

Alcon Caper3362d ago

Star Con 2 is DEFINITELY one of the greatest games ever made. Bubbles.

evrfighter3362d ago

no Mechwarrior
no Empire series
No Battlefield
No Return to Castle Wolfenstein: ET
No Quake 3

not even a Starcraft or Warcraft...

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TheColbertinator3362d ago

I also recommend Alpha Centauri,Fallout 2,and Age of Empires 3 for any PC gamer

Major_Tom3362d ago

You forgot Freespace 1&2, Homeworld 1&2(Probably one of the best RTSx4 games ever created and one of the best stories till this very day).

Age of Mythology+Titans expansion. Company of Heroes, Starcraft, Baldurs Gate II: Shadow of Amn, Planescape: Torment, Systemshock 2. I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton but there are games so lost in time that people over look the very golden age of PC gaming.

PinkUni3362d ago

these top 10 lists are kinda stupid now
people should just buy the games they wana buy and hope for a good experience

whats amazing for one person can be a boring sh!t hole for another

its like making a top ten music list
not everyone likes the same music

DiffusionE3362d ago

Warcraft 1, 2 & 3 were awesome, not just World of Warcraft. And Age of Empires 2 is a must-include for any RTS fan. Plus, how about the Doom series as well?

Different gamers like different games, but there are some classics you just can't ignore.

Jdoki3362d ago

What! Sam and Max Seasons???? Not even close to being as good as the original. They SHAME the name Sam and Max.

They could have put in any number of early LucasArts games. I'd probably stick TIE Fighter in, or maybe even X-Wing (I still have the B-Wing expansion on 3.5" disc). Plus Full Throttle was just awesome, and The first two Monkey Island games are two of the best adventures ever made.

Also agree with Alcon - Any number of Sierra games would be a fine addition. And if we're talking point and click adventuring I really like the first Simon the Sorcerer game - Eric Idle's VO work was legendary.

And adding the Dawn of Wars series seems a bit weird - the two games are so different they can't really be clumped together - and DoW2 definitely crumbles in the face of Warcraft, Command and Conquer, and StarCraft and even newer RTS stuff. DoW1 is good though, especially with the expansions.

And where are the X-Com games? Sure the series went downhill pretty quickly - but the first and second were amazing (and are on Steam now).

I'd even say that the Wing Commander / Privateer games should be in there. WC3 was awesome, and Privateer 2 is still one of my all time fave games.

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