Spider-Man 3 is more popular on the 360

In the UK Spider-Man's console of choice is the Xbox 360. Activision's mediocre Spider-Man 3 swung its way to a multiplatform release including the 360, PS3, Wii, and PS2 among others. And when the UK sales figures were tallied the Xbox 360 version of the game accounted for a whopping 45% of total sales.

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sak5004212d ago

I think its more to do with the install base then the game being slightly better or less worse on 360.

predator4212d ago

My thoughts exactly, tho i am suprised the ps2 is not top, considering that install base

TheMART4212d ago

Well that arguement is gone then, right, the PS2 has a larger installed base, so that's not it clearly.

Two things:

1. best version
2. 360 gamers just spend money, are a bit older and more wealthy then the average age of a Playstation gamer

Babylonian4212d ago (Edited 4212d ago )

That seem to go inconsistent with your argument. Because you are probably homeless and you life in a cave with a batery powered PC so you can comment on N4G and you are only 9 years old. So that makes no sense according to your argument.

This only shows that 360 owners like to buy crap games more then other people. Didn't you see the reviews for this game, and your still overjoyed that more people bought it on the 360. Wow how desperate can you be, you say the PS3 doesn't have much games but you kill time by buying this?

But hey, be my guest and be happy about the fact that you xbots top the list of buying sh!t software (and hardware if i might add).

Saint Sony4212d ago

I would not want to say this, but now that you put it up so nicely I can say this.

At least we HAVE THE CHOICE. PS3 currently offers mostly crap. 1 crap game for 360, not a biggie.

Babylonian4212d ago (Edited 4212d ago )

Hahahaha, ok ok, hahahaha.......alright sorry I'm back. So you call Paying 60 bucks a year for having an online network choice, you call a HD-DVD add-on which will be obsolete so that you feel screwed a choice. You call Microsofts 3l33t a choice?

Buddy, Microsoft just want to drain you and call it choice. Just like they did to cut support on Windows XP so that people would go out and buy Vista, nice choice huh?

I could go on and on, but the fact is that PS3 games are at the same level as the 360 is. What great games does the 360 have? Gears, DOA, PGR. So, the PS3 also has RFoM, VF5, Motorstorm. The fact is that the most good games have to come out yet for both.

Listen my friend, I don't want to take this out on you. My comment was ment for the quick-e-MART. Coming with his nice stupid deducted comments that he bases on nothing what so ever but his own views on his own little world.

Saint Sony4212d ago

Yes, choices nevertheless. I don't have to pay if I don't want to. I can download demos/etc content FREE and buy the games if I like them. Multiplayer thingy is only thing that costs atm.. which I don't mind paying at all. If you don't like online multiplayer games, don't pay.

I don't have to buy elite, I don't have to buy HD-DVD or the rumored blu-ray if it ever happens.. those are all choices. MS is not draining us, it is offering us CHOICES. What ever you say we have choices, as simple as that.

Babylonian4212d ago (Edited 4212d ago )

That blind huh. So if I buy a PS3 I am forced to have a Blu-ray player, it's not seen as an advantage for the games or a nice extra feature. But hey, if I have choice not to buy a PS3 according to you. But then How will I play nice games like MGS4 that will try to use every aspect of the PS3.

Let's say I have a PS3 and I want to watch a HD movie, hey that's nice, I have a Blu-ray player. Now if I have a Hidef tv, and I want to make full use of it, hey want that in the back of the console, why it's an HDMI output. Now let's say I don't want to watch a HD movie but just a movie on a file or a DVD and watch it on a regular tv, well that possible also. Now that's choice right there.

If i have a Xbox and I want to watch a HD movie, f*ck, I have to buy a add-onn. Now I want to get the best out of my hidef tv via HDMI, sh!t I bought the wrong console, now I have to get an 3l33t.

Well anyway, have fun with your "CHOICE".

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daboosa4212d ago

It dont come out on PS3 till next Friday (18th) so this is a load of rubbish. i know this cause ive pre ordered mine and am waiting

predator4212d ago

yeah but if theres more copies sold for the 360 than the ps2, what chance in hell does the ps3 have then, huh?

xfrgtr4212d ago

the PS3 version hasnt been released in the UK yet

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