360 vs PS3 - Which Offers a Better Online Experience?

Now that both the Xbox 360 Elite and PlayStation 3 are available at the same retail cost, which one is better? Part one, of a four-part pound-for-pound comparison between 360 and PS3, focuses on examining each system's online experience, to see which one has the best offering.

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gamesR4fun2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

* It is absolutely 100% free to play games using a PlayStation 3. A Gold Membership, which retails for $50, is required to play online using an Xbox 360.

* Every Xbox 360 Elite comes packaged with a headset for online chat. The PlayStation 3 does not come with a headset for voice communication.

* The PlayStation 3 can be connected to the wireless network without any additional costs. A $100 wireless adapter is required to connect an Xbox 360 to a wireless network.

Judgment: The PlayStation 3 is absolutely free to sign up and play online. Voice chat, while recommended for team-based games, is not required to play online. The wireless network option is purely a matter of preference, but the $100 price tag for the wifi adapter is a major knock against the Xbox 360.

Based on the simple facts, the PlayStation 3 the best way to get online and play with friends.

*While I agree with the article fact it came out pro psn wont go well... Still free rock solid dedicated servers to play on make it the best. Besides if i need to chat i can always do it ingame. Not saying that cross game chats or the live party system arnt enviable jus not worth paying for.

FlipMode2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Experience? Well its about the same.
Xbox live is more integrated and fluid no doubt.
But if you play COD4 online it won't feel any different which side you play on.
And you get most of XBL features on PSN for free plus DS on FP titles.

I vote PSN

air12970d ago

flip what many of you fail to realize is that its not just about sony doing online for free. its like you said live is just integrated much better.

when live gets a major update we get things like nxe.

a major update for sony is 3.0 you know dynamic themes and a new information bar and stuff..

i dont think you sony fanatics game online that much or have clans, if you know what that is lol. its a fvcking chore on psn to stay with the same group from game to game on psn, for that reason alone live is worth the 30 bucks i spent for 13 months :)

deadreckoning6662970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Depends on whats important to the person. I have a PS3, but I still think XBL is an overall better online experience as far speed and integration. But I settle for the PSN for 4 reasons:

1. Its about 3/4 what XBL is.
2. Its free.
3. It consistently gets better.
4. I don't care about Netflix or 1 vs.100

If all you care about is playing online, PSN is the better value. If u care about movies, music, and tv shows as much as you do games, then XBL is the best choice.

darthv722970d ago

It is personal opinion and therefor has no bearing on anyone else which one is better. PS3 fans will say PSN. 360 fans will say Live.

Nothing new here. The new name for this site: O4G (opinions 4 gamers).

table2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

I actually believe PSN is better if we take these 3 basic categories;

If we compare features the 360 wins.
If we compare price the ps3 wins.
If we compare network stability the ps3 wins - capable of more players lag free(kz2, resistance2).

At the end of the day it is all subjective to your needs and I do believe that you get value for money with xbox live.

leyego2970d ago


both are filled with douchebags who have the need to insult one another at a constant basis. the only great online games are the ones where they disable all chat and text communication. face it online gaming has many flaws and will continue to suck till they fix it.

who here wants some douchebag little kid tea-bagging everyone they meet and cursing none stop weither its thru a mic or text anyways?

Microsoft Xbox 3602970d ago

Sony servers are capable of handling 256 players in one room. To top things off its free. Booyah.

Max Power2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

xbox gets fewer updates, so naturally it seems as though those updates are bigger. Where as Sony constantly updates, so each one seems insignificant, but added up over time its pretty large. You also have to remember that the PSN has come along way since its inception.

But I think this argument is similar to "which controller is better", its all preference and opinions.

droid and bot2970d ago

i think PSN gives you a LOT for a free service
i know because i use them both

All-32970d ago

> While I agree with the article fact it came out pro psn wont go well...

It didn't come out pro-PSN though.


Judgment - Deeper Look

Just because a system is free doesn't always mean that it's better.

Based on the deeper look, I have to say that the Xbox 360 offers a better online experience. It is very obvious that a lot of thought and planning went into developing every part of the experience, both off and online. Sure, you're going to have to pay for an annual subscription, and might have to purchase a wireless adapter depending the layout of your home, but the integration of online gaming, community, and security is so much better on Xbox 360.

Even though free is good, sometimes things are just worth paying for.

Danja2970d ago

Well to be honest it really comes down to prefernece and what systems you own.

While the PS3 offers everything you need for online play in the box .... The 360 has a better a more developed community.

But the PS3 is better for one ..."Dedicated Servers"

Games like - R2 , Warhawk , Socom , LBP , Motorstorm 2 , Wipeout , K2 .. To name a few.

And I have more friends with a PS3

And its "FREE"

Game13a13y2970d ago

M$ is too greedy with their XBL experience. if you are a silver member, you'd feel like you are getting shafted by M$ in every possible ways.
whereas PSN, everybody is equal. Sony is more humanitarian, fact.

randomwiz2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

there's really only one main difference between xbl and psn, and that is party system.

And when psn gets that, what else will xbl have left?

GiantEnemyCrab2970d ago

"*While I agree with the article fact it came out pro psn wont go well.."

Then maybe you should read the article again because you are giving only one point of view.

"Based on the deeper look, I have to say that the Xbox 360 offers a better online experience. It is very obvious that a lot of thought and planning went into developing every part of the experience, both off and online. Sure, you're going to have to pay for an annual subscription, and might have to purchase a wireless adapter depending the layout of your home, but the integration of online gaming, community, and security is so much better on Xbox 360."

I play on both and they are both OK but XBL just does more and feels like a true connected experience. PSN for free is excellent however and if it's all you have then you should be happy. But you should not down the pay service unless you've actually seen it and used it.

Poopface the 2nd2970d ago

the best is playing on LIVE, PSN and on PC. Ahahahah. You can tell me the one you like is better all day, I dont care cause I like to use em all.

2970d ago
HDgamer2970d ago

Thats not a fact and you know that. Just because it's your opinion doesn't make it a fact at all. I could say PSN is better and claim it's a fact like you just did. Hell I could even go as far to say PC gaming services is much better than both but you wouldn't care much about anyone else's experience of opinion. You don't even give a definite reason why it's a fact or even remotely prove it's a fact.

cyclindk2970d ago


One must compare like terms, i.e. 360 HAS no free online gameplay therefore PS3 wins...

Like any PAID-for service whatever benefits it provides are inconsequential seeing as more money SHOULD always mean more services..

At most, 360 wins in that it OFFERS more premium options for online, but as there is no true equivalency they can't be compared directly.

Caffo012970d ago

do you think that clans are only on Live? rofl..

HDgamer2970d ago

With that logic paying for escort services is better than getting free sex from your gf/wife/female friend.

Or paying for free DLC.

GiantEnemyCrab2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

"With that logic paying for escort services is better than getting free sex from your gf/wife/female friend. "

Well they say the most frequent customers of prostitutes are married men. lol

HDgamer2970d ago

Too many cons for paying for escorts.

1. Diseases
2. Transsexuals
3. Under aged
4. You're not getting sex but you're getting robbed or killed
5. Waste of money for something that can last 20 mins. But what she gives you in the end will live on you. Priceless.

DMason2970d ago

Uhhhhhh, if you would have read the WHOLE article, you would have seen that they choose Xbox Live as the best overall choice. This is what happens when fanboys get excited to quickly. They shoot their load early.

kewlkat0072970d ago


No contest here, Free or not.

evrfighter2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

I'm not too impressed with PSN. Steam offers way more than PSN. The better question should be 360 vs. Steam.

NoBias2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

It's LIVE. It offers the best online experience. And I use both regularly. To be honest, I've been using PSN a little bit more in the past weeks but that only comes down to the games that I feel like playing. I still believe LIVE holds the top spot for online experience though.

There is a reason why PSN is slowly adding LIVE-esque features and why many PSN users are requesting LIVE-esque features... :\

I honestly am still shocked that PSN doesn't have voice messaging at the very LEAST >:(

JsonHenry2970d ago

I prefer XboxLIVE myself. But if I actually knew more than one person that owns a PS3 I might change my mind.

NewZealander2970d ago

i havnt played my ps3 online yet but i can comment on the market place and psn store, psn loads way faster then xbl, nearly no waiting for pictures to load and no lag, but market place is far better organised and simple to find the content you are looking for.

and i had a wee play around on home lastnight....i wont be going back put it that way.

unfortunatly my first experience with the ps3 slim isnt all that positive thanks to the v3.0 update makeing uncharted unplayable.

ReservoirDog3162970d ago

I'm sure XBL is better. In fact, I guarantee it. But I like PSN. Met some good friends on it that I wouldn't have found on XBL. Plus it's free. I don't play online much anyways so the little differences hardly bother me.

Prototype2970d ago

After playing on both Live and PSN personally I'd rather be on PSN.

Free, outside Home I maybe ran into one or two morons in Killzone 2 or Call of Duty 4, and I have Home as a big alternative to Yahoo and MSN messenger. Can't beat a free web browser also.

On Live the one thing I hated is the whole voting system that half-worked (I voted 5 people to not play with them for having a foul mouth only to run into them in Call of Duty 4); and for those of you who think I'm full of it on playing Live my gamertag is BlackTetsujin and its down to silver since I don't feel justified to pay $50 a year to play Call of Duty 4 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 once in a while.

Anon19742970d ago

Say what? I had XBL for 2 years and this is the first I've heard of voice message. Why on earth would you need to leave someone a voice message? Do people use XBL instead of phones? I don't get it.

gamesR4fun2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

cause its free n has built in wi fi

n ya its biased i mean dude makes it sound like we cant even use voice on psn. Doesnt mention dedicated servers or universal bluetooth support so when u do get a mike u can get whatever u want.

n look like i said live does have a advantage in its party system especially. But the question is it worth the price of a new game every year?

@DMason r ur panties ridin up yur hairy crack much?
ignore check
report check
-bubble check

Syronicus2970d ago

I will say that for FREE, I play COD4 online every night. Heck I have team mates with over 45 days logged into COD4, all on the PS3 - FOR FREE. What shows me better value? The free service. All I want is to play online. I do not want to chat with others while playing a different game. I do not want or need cross game invites. All I want is to play online and the PSN offers that, for FREE.

Montrealien2970d ago

I think they both have their good and bad points, but one comment got my attention..

(But if you play COD4 online it won't feel any different which side you play on.)

Really? the party system alone makes shooters in general something completly deifferent on LIVE imho. I think that the minute PSN has a party system as solid as LIVE, the 50$ a year on live will always be worth it.

paul03882969d ago

The PSN is free

Xbox live is a paid service but offers a good amount that PSN does not.

With that said though, for PC Gamers, STEAM, is better than Xbox Live, does the same thing and more, and is free...

mingeater2969d ago

so i reckon i'm more qualified to give an opinion than a majority of "gamers" (lol not that there is many on n4g nowadays) who have posted on here.

the psn is good for a free service without doubt, live is just better, and by alot....end of story. sorry if i have offended some of you!

and lol at the BLOG that are supposedly not worthy according to the contributor test....yet make up 90% percent of the garbage on this crap site

F N A Pepper2969d ago

i don't agree, i can't connect to my friend when we want to play on ps3 i don't know why yet but we both have good connection and we can both play online but we can never seem to party up it says can not connect to host if either of us try, this doesn't happen all the time but most of the time it does and we've basically given up on ps3 network and went back to 360 online to play cod 4, if anyone can help me let me know, would love to continue playing on playstation but online is all i care about really and i want to play with my friends. "HELP"!

FrankDrebin2969d ago

I love articles like this as you can literally see people flipping out on the other end of the computer screen.

Lets set things straight.

The PS3 offers playability and basic features for FREE. Basically the online gaming experience is going to be same as the subscription based 360. The PS3 offers voice chat, messages (texted based) and trophies. You can add Home into the mix but I rather not as there isn't much in the way of enhancing gaming.

Now, the 360 does cost money but the experience is a good one. Any feature you can think of is there. Voice chat, voice messages, party, etc. Overall, a more polished and thought out experience and feature list.

Sure the 360 is smoother but in the end when gaming is concerned, gaming is gaming.

So which is better? Well that depends on the player not the system and features.

While I love my PS3, I have to say I like the smoothness of the 360 and the extra features. I enjoy chatting with my friends while we all are playing different games. I enjoy sending voice messages and not having to hammer out text messages. Is it worth the yearly fee? Sure it is. MS does a great job of adding a ton of content and with each update usually comes even more features.

How does PSN stack up? Dang close! While some subtitle features are missing the over all gaming experience is just as good. It really depends on what you need and use.

Jihad2969d ago

Excellent points.

I vote PSN.

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jack who2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

this is a joke


crack head below
wtf you talking bout

gamesR4fun2970d ago

no ms charging you to play the 5 hour dlc u jus bought for 60- bucks is the joke jack.

Xbox360Elite2970d ago

Sony charging you for ps2 remastered games is a joke.

gamesR4fun2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

So 40 bucks for 2 of the greatest ps2 games redone to b native 720p... added trophy support such a rip people are preordering it in droves...

the real joke is yur bubble count time to make another account eh.

talltony2970d ago

Live has no fps game over 60 players not to mention 256.

Kleptic2970d ago

^ yeah I knew before I read the article that the author would completely miss the dedicated server thing...

its true that total player count does nothing to prove how good or bad an online game is...but Sony clearly wants to push the envelope, and tighten the gap between a massive online multiplayer game, and a 'regular' one...R2, and especially MAG, are prime examples of that...

the author also misses Sony's approach to UGC...which to some of us, especially people migrating from PC online a major deal...MS does the exact opposite, policing every single piece of content the 360 can download (to the degree that it doesn't have a web browser...) to the threshold of don't find games like LBP, or have mod sharing capabilities in games like UT3, on XBL...because MS hates it, and deems it wasted profit...

so as expected...XBL is still a bit ahead in terms of overall user friendliness...the PSN is WAY ahead everywhere else...

Eric Cartman2970d ago

Exactly my points. Thumbs up.

The diverse online software content is usually negelected too when doing these comparisons.

PS3, from even an objective standpoint, has a far more diverse software content than Xbox 360.

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vagisil2970d ago

that was some funny sh1t.

Tr10wn2970d ago

Now lets rain some disagree.

AngryTypingGuy2969d ago

Haha, that video never gets old.

n to the b2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

lol, thank u!

there's a comparably well-produced 'official why 360 sucks' music video; but it mentions things like having to use batteries... like I care. don't need rechargable to be standard, thanks.

speaking of rechargable, I bought a flip GBA (makes a great night-cap b4 I zzzz...) and was dismayed to discover it can't take batteries! I'd rather b able 2 have power when I want it, not hope I'm fully charged all the time.

maybe PS3 fans don't understand this, being mostly 10-12 and unable to afford batteries on their own??

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Omega42970d ago

Well considering more people use XBL than PSN and pay for it, isnt it obvious who offers a better experience.

2970d ago
WildArmed2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Not really.
People keep thinking about features.

Here's where my opinion kicks in:
Dedicated servers vs P2P ?
i rather game on dedicated server then P2P anyday. Sony offers that on alot of first-party games n i greatly appreciate it.
People just keep comparing features..

feature wise LIVE wins no doubt.

But, having no dedicated server when i game.. .makes those 50bucks seem worthless. On the other hand PSN gives me dedicated servers for free.

I dont play 'features' of consoles.. i play games on them. So if your gonna tell me that LIVE is 'without doubt' superior. I call BS.

Seems like sony fanatics arent the only one that dont think

btw great job on approving a blog on of a user on a game trading site. kudos to the approvers.

air12970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

i dont play features either, i use them:)

what happens to dedicated servers when the game isnt as popular any more? right.. p2p and dedicated both have its advantages and disadvantages.

get your self a good connection, make a friends list with ppl that have good connections that you enjoy playing with and all is good. or just get a good connection and host your own games and just kick the bad apples.

like i said sony fanatics just dont think.


i forgot the name of the game that got online canned, but it was by sega... it was posted not to long ago here on n4g :P

WildArmed2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

yes coz COD4 disconnections (when a host leaves) dont have on 360, right.. glad you thought that out.

And btw, feel free to name any dedicated server games that have been taken down on the ps3.

Side note:
Just coz people own more Sony stereo system doesn't mean they are better then Bose stereo system. Numbers dont correlate with quality.

ooo i knoes! more people fly in coach then business class! so coach must be better right? lol

Seems like i missed it. But i still havnt heard of any ps3 titles dedicated server's being canned. heck, R:FoM servers are still alive n that was a launch title

dp2774072970d ago

no its not obvious your just oblivious, I mean seriously you cant beat the psn for free

Game13a13y2970d ago

ya, having kids calling you names and telling you what they would do to your mom equal better experience?

WildArmed2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )


Thank god Live has a major mute button ^^
First thing i do: Mute every1 but mi buddies

@2.8 agreed. it cant be stopped. really annoying..
And here i thought 2.6's point was that you have to pay for that (its a joke.. dont kill me -.- )

GiantEnemyCrab2970d ago

"ya, having kids calling you names and telling you what they would do to your mom equal better experience? "

Like that is something exclusive to XBL. Give me a break. I'm on PSN a lot and here the same kinds of crap. I was just in the Siren space in Home yesterday waiting to play the game and it was disgusting what some of the idiots were saying in there. They are constantly trying to get around the text filter, not just sex stuff but racist hate and the poor couple of girls in the room were basically forced to leave.

Boody-Bandit2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

When are people going to stop equating sales and popularity to quality?

The Wii sold the most consoles and has the biggest selling game. With that said how many here will go on record saying it's the best console with the best games?

Why can't people just be happy with what they have without claiming they support the best?

paul03882969d ago

I've read some of your past posts, and they're all idiotic.

Ask mommy for a PS3 for Christmas, you'll be much happier.

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ThatCanadianGuy2970d ago

PS3 obviously.

I waited for over 2 hours to join a damn match in gears 2.
I mean, C'mon's only a mere pathetic 5vs5..

Fired up Resistance 2 & within two minutes i was in a silky smooth 30vs30 match.

air12970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

did you ever stop to think that either A) your connection is fvcked up or B) many more ppl actually play gears 2. r2 has like a handfull of ppl still playing it, including the devs:)

live is better you ppl must just play online randomly. try making a clan and staying with them with ease on the psn, its a fvcking chore. just for that reason alone live is worth the 30 bucks i spent for 13 months:)

Qazdaz2970d ago

Even if his connection is fvcked up then that just adds ammo to sony's side. The fact that he could get a slilky smooth 30 on 30 match with a crap connection must prove something doesn't it?