Gamer Limit Review: Demon's Souls

Gamer Limit Writes: "Demon's Souls has completely revolutionized the action genre as we know it. While it remains a single player affair at its core, great strides were made to get other players involved in an action adventure experience, something Fable II tried and failed in the past. While casual gamers should be wary of the game's extreme difficulty, if you have any sort of strategic acumen, you will easily be able to figure a solution to any problem, and that's a truly gifted design choice."

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Fullish3183d ago

Come'on this game is garbage, 9.5?

itchy183183d ago

have you ever played this game?

40cal3183d ago

open your eyes. The game is gorgeous!

"you’ll find yourself stopping right in your tracks just to admire the beautiful architecture and scenery."

Game play sound like its just crazy challenging and fun.

"Every enemy in the game has some sort of weakness, or a strategy that can be employed against it."

This game seems to have great challenges, game play, visuals, atmosphere and customization. I hope it really dose, Ive got the collectors edition paid in full.

Fullish3183d ago

You don't need to play a game to know it's bad.

markfrost3183d ago

Blasphemy! Take it back!

raztad3183d ago

"You don't need to play a game to know it's bad." <--- WORST comment EVER.

Please go away. You sound pretty ignorant, it's obvious you dont know what are you talking about.

callahan093183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

@Fullish, you clearly have never played Demon's Souls. It's easily my favorite game of this generation, and that's saying a lot because this generation has been great so far. It's an absolutely timeless game. Classic in every way. Just don't let yourself get frustrated and it pays off in more satisfying ways than any game I can ever remember playing.

Vicodin3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

"You don't need to play a game to know it's bad."


This game is incredible. For anyone who doesn't know, it is the spiritual successor to the incredible King's Field games:

Recently replayed KF2 again and still find it incredible. No other game has such a dreamlike sense of desolation and melancholy.

Demon's Souls is what you would call a Gamer's Game. Challenging as hell, but rewarding and not cheap.

I highly recommend picking up an old copy of King's Field 1 or 2. They work on all PS3s.

Hopefully they will make their way to PSN so more people can experience them.

CaitSith3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

instead of prejudging it. Seriously. Makes you sound ignorant. -.-"

3183d ago
Headshot813183d ago

knowing that 15year old 360fangirls will not play this game.

ultimolu3183d ago

Please use the sarcasm text because you really can't be serious.

nycredude3183d ago


Don't worry. This game is freaking great! I paid $75 to import this game and I am buying the collectors edition when it drops. THAT is how good this game is. It's easily worth $100.

You don't play this game you experience it.

mastiffchild3183d ago

Nycredude-I'm gonna HAVE to import it as, again, another game fails to make it to the UK properly. I've already been nurned by some git from HK on Ebay over this so I'll wait this time and get it from a reputable US dealer(Plat Asia had run out!Now they've stopped I believe ).

Annoyingly my mate has it and usually I'd just get it fromhim when he finiahes but he's had it an age and is stuck, won't ask for help and won't lenmd me til he's finished it! Thanks for being too hard for my idiot friend DS! What I've played at his though was pretty amazing-like a really well thought out Zelda for big boys and girls with all the etra difficulty you could want. As for "you don't have to play a game to know it's rubbish etc"-maybe if it's reviews were uniformly terrible(a la Haze or Too Human)and peole who had played it hated it you MIGHT have a point but DS has got fairly glowing reviews from the sites I trust most with action RPGs and I don't know anyone who regrets getting a copy so far.

Funny game to blindly hate on, mind, as it's hardly omnipresent like a Halo(y'know you can avoid it very easily if you wish)or hyped to the nth degree like KZ2 so I don't see the reason for hating at all. If it isn't your kind of game anyway then why even comment? Has annoying people genuinely interested in a game become so important this gen?

ReservoirDog3163183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

Hmm, I might rent this like Oblivion to test the waters. This difficulty thing makes me hesitant to drop $60 on it.

Also, to the people who imported it or just anyone who knows: are there any spiders in this? I'm really arachnophobic and these types of games usually have a bunch of them.

Oh and is there any story? The review really doesn't mention it.

Please answer if you know.

MEsoJD3183d ago

must be a wii owner : p

hulk_bash19873183d ago

I never thought I would hear something that stupid and illogical. BTW here's a little edit to your name that I think fits perfectly well (Fullish*t). Now go and put on your helmet and play with your legos in the corner.

INehalemEXI3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

Yes, there is a spider boss deep in the bowels of one of the levels. It is possible to invite someone along and just watch them pwn it though.

The game is more action then story not alot of cutscenes.

ReservoirDog3163183d ago

Thanks for answering. If that's the case I might pass on this. It'll just end up as a headache anyways. A near-impossible to beat spider boss will just make life harder for me in the end. Oh well, just frees up money to buy another game. I wonder which though?

Oh and I'd give you bubbles but I don't think it would really do anything for you at this point. But you know what they say, it's the thought that counts.

Ravage273183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

A very under-hyped game that is nothing short of amazing.

Best 4 features:
1.Epic boss fights(very inspired and simply awesome!)

2.Amazing gameplay depth

3.Atmosphere is done perfectly, and the unforgiving difficulty actually augments it (when was the last time you dread facing a RPG boss?)

4.Best online implementation by a RPG thus far. It has co-op,PvP,online leaderboards,community features(messages) and even a rating system(you get healed slightly each time your message gets rated)

Bad: Don't expect a epic story though, its pretty decent with a good ending but that's it.

However,avoid it if you're a casual gamer or if you lack the patience to overcome the initial steep difficulty curve.If you absolutely can't stand old-school gameplay, then this is probably not a game for you.

For the rest,esp. those looking for something fresh,this game releases exclusively for PS3 this Oct ;)

*edit* Adding on, this is one rare game in which you will die...A LOT.
In fact for your first playthrough, most ppl will be 'dead' 90% of the time (you 'revive' when you defeat a boss or use a special item).
The fact that you lose all your souls(currency used to level up & buy gear/item)everytime you die doesn't help too :p It's great though, coz it adds to the atmosphere and it 'helps' you to get better faster

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thedoctor3183d ago

Not too sure about this one... I haven't heard the greatest of things about it, but perhaps now I'll need to check it out for myself.

Ziriux3183d ago

Why just because a site gave it a 9.5. Read more reviews, asked others that have played it, do some research on it.

callahan093183d ago

Haven't heard the greatest things? Check it's metacritic score, this game is VERY well-loved and has a HUGE fan-following, and rightly so, it's an absolute classic.

CaptainKratos3183d ago

Rent it. instead of getting all pissed of cuz it didn't have First person and but seriously if you never played these game types rent it. but love this genre of games so i will purchase it!!! YEAH!!!!

Ravage273183d ago

if you are up for a challenge or want to play something fresh, i really recommend you to at least rent it. If you get hooked(high chance), you will definitely want to buy it.

Also, the replay value of this game is seriously unmatched.Read the review to get a better idea.

I'm NOT joking when i say that some of my friends have disappeared for a few consecutive weeks/months while playing it, it is THAT addictive.

If you are interested in ARPGs, do yourself a favour and get this game. FromSoftware has brought ARPG to a whole new level and i hope to get more games like it!

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StartWars3183d ago

I can't say I've ever played this game, but it doesn't arouse my taste buds from the looks of things.

Ziriux3183d ago

Yea if you're into hack and slash you'll Love it, if you're not than you'll hate it.

Ninji3183d ago

I don't think you know what this game is. You should probably go look it up before you tell someone that they will like this game if they like hack & slash games. This game has nothing to do with hack & slash games. If you try to rush it and hack & slash everything in this game then you will die (lots and lots of times).

krauley3183d ago

i agree with 3.2. you are misleading with that H&S statement, this game is difinitely action/strategy with role playing elements and if you try to run throught it you will die so much its not funny. but if you work your way through it and survive you will be rewarded with a kind of incredible statisfaction that most games dont give you.
@1 "fullish" your just an idiot. go away!

Ninji3183d ago

B-b-b-but it's too hard! :(

raztad3183d ago

Agree. Some bots were waiting Deamons Souls to be a bad game. It's not going to happen. Game looks to be awesome, many are praising it.

40cal3183d ago

This game is rounding off my October gaming nicely along with Uncharted 2 and GT PSP.

topdawg1223183d ago

I thought ps3 didn't have good rpgs?
Ha, suck it bots

3183d ago
nightelfmohawk3183d ago

It's great to see games that are actually challenging again. Bots and Halo n00bs need not apply.

Obama3183d ago

The bots are especially butthurt since they don't have a good game since last year. The best they get is shadow complex, an arcade game.
Demon Soul destroys 360's rpg lineup this year for sure.

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thedisagreefairy3183d ago

western gaming sites cant wait till demon souls is closer to its actual release date in October for us not in Japan to review this game.

reviewing it to early kinda takes the hype away if ppl havent heard of it yet

chrisjc3183d ago

Atlus told sites to review it early. I'm pretty sure their market research shows when the correct times to review titles are.