Elite Beat Agents 2 Video Overload

The sequel to the popular DS title called Osu! Tatake! Ouendan! in Japan is coming next week and Nintendo has just opened the media flood gates. Check out the intro, TV commercial, and 5 gameplay videos from the game Famitsu gave a 34 out of 40 to.

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ITR4212d ago (Edited 4212d ago )

Hell yeah!

I've almost beat the first one.

I like how you can use guys and girls now.

I bet it sells 250k in the first week sales.

PhinneousD4212d ago (Edited 4212d ago )

the first one was soo much fun... japanese girls are so adorable when they play this. <3

sooo, obviously the us version will have songs from our region... does this mean that the japanese are ultimately getting a totally different version of this game, different songs, different rhythm patterns? japanese pop vs. american pop.

i would love to play both. i should import.

ITR4212d ago

I would say so.

I wonder about Europe?

Maybe 3 versions of the same game?

Chain-Gang-Princess3232d ago

I hope a european version comes out, I played the first ELITE BEAT AGENTS game and loved it. I'll have to be keeping eyes and ears open for a release date.