Forza 2 Demo - Track Info Revealed

The track featured in the demo will be a short version of Mugello (pictured above), an Italian circuit used in the MotoGP.

Running across two sides of an impossibly scenic Tuscan valley, Mugello also differs from other super fast circuits in its frequent changes of gradient and the speed of its chicanes. There is a mix of slower and high-speed corners, although even the slowest corners are wide, allowing several 'ideal' lines.

Having foregone the modern tendency to reduce speeds by creating 'bus stops', Mugello's four significant chicanes are taken at a relatively high pace. Balancing out the need for firmer suspension on the high-speed sections, which compress front and rear suspension due to centrifugal forces, is the requirement for enough pliability to give tyre side grip and traction around the slower off-camber corners.

The suspension set-up quest is further complicated by the fact that on one section of the track the approach to the corners is uphill, on the other half downhill.

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jib4209d ago

any word on an online-multiplayer demo

Leathersoup4209d ago

It would be nice considering how much of the game involves online, but that might be why they don't want to release it either. They'd need to either only allow certain aspects of it or set up server info simply for the online demo.
They may just wait until the game has been released before they release one.

jib4209d ago

sucks. wouldnt matter then cause i'm getting the game soon anyway

gogators4209d ago

reserved, two racers built with the wireless wheels. It's so nice to know that it's finally coming out, no more delays.

Bullseye4209d ago

Centrifugal what now?? This is all too much for me,bring back pitstop on the Atari 2600 :) Looking forward to the demo, but it'll just be regular tyres and a seat belt for me.

I love my ATARI woody

Saint Sony4208d ago

DEMO IS OUT NOW, go download it.

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