Spring 07 Video-Playback-Faq - No Divx Support

All questions and answers with descriptions for the newly added video playback features.

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TriggerHappy3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

guide to help the people confused as to what exactly those new features are and what they do.

As amazing as this sounds, there is no divx support which has been almost confirmed. Lack of that Sucks Big time

sovietsoldier3547d ago

i agree that no divx sucks monkey balls.

marionz3547d ago

so why where so many people getting their hopes up over somthing that was based on random speculation?

Fanboys are gay3546d ago

once again people put 2+2 together and come up with 57

TriggerHappy3546d ago

not thr point, Is not like it could not be done, so why did they throw it in since it was the most wanted feature and many people wanted that ?

donscrillinger3546d ago

thx yo ! for this info we needed it

TriggerHappy3546d ago

Welcome man. GLad it helped. :)