Storytelling: The Next Chapter in Gaming

This generation of gaming has already seen incredible advancements in both visuals and control. Designers have more tools than ever to work with, they can choose to create the most epic HD title their heart desires or a simple motion-based game designed with pure fun in mind.

In the process the weakest part of gaming has continued to be neglected: quality story-telling. Games too often enter the design stage with a major focus on gameplay and the story penciled in at the end, or the other way around with a heavy emphasis on story with gameplay designed to simply get the player to the next cut scene. This is how it has been for the most part over the history of gaming, but this isn't necessarily the way it has to be.

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Bill Gates4208d ago

I apologize to all the fanboys I may offend, but SONY's PS3 along with CELL will be writing the "Next Chapter" in gaming. You just sit back, and enjoy the ride.

ChickeyCantor4208d ago

o great, first the GFX then the AI then the sound and now the Story telling........
Story telling can be done in different ways even a gameboy can do that.

The developers are responsible for the story-telling, so "bill gates" above me the PS3 wont do it him self.