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EA: "No plans" For New NASCAR Game

Gamespot: "The future of Electronic Arts' NASCAR racing series is looking very doubtful, since they revealed that its publisher won't be making a new entry into the series this year." (Culture, Dev)

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sinncross  +   2126d ago
Oh well, seems like Sony should make sure the Nascar section of GT5 is marketed well, considering they have no competition that specific respect.
muskie1324  +   2126d ago
I think they should release a roster update yearly via DLC. Though i have no idea how in depth the nascar portion of GT5 really is. i think it would be a good idea.
2Spock  +   2126d ago
I love going to a race and partying all weekend. But playing a Nascar is not alot of fun to me. I would have thought they would have quit making those a while back.
nbsmatambo  +   2126d ago
thats right GT5 will do it better than EA imo
free2game365  +   2126d ago
Iracing? That actually offers people the change to race online against real nascar drivers, provided they've got the skill for it.
DeadlyFire  +   2125d ago
iRacing has deal with Nascar games now. For PC anyway.
iRacing.com(former papyrus and sierra workers on the old Nascar Racing PC games and such. Still most popular versions of any Nascar game.) has setup a deal with Nascar for a MMO type of Online Racing series to come in 2010 for the PC. iRacing.com has some stuff setup and its not all Nascar, but if your willing to pay a fee you can jump right on into it.

I don't know much of what extent PD have signed onto. Its very likely they are making their first step in GT 5 though and maybe advance that along with updates/DLC. You don't see a new GT every year you know.

I am so glad Nascar is free from EA's grip now though. Can't wait to step back into that arena.
wondroushippo  +   2126d ago
It's interesting - for how 'big' NASCAR is, it's through NONE of the available popular channels - the only popular niche sport in America?
roblef  +   2126d ago
I find it amazing how huge the sport is.
randomwiz  +   2126d ago
i guess people like watching nascar, but paying $60 for a game you go in circles could get a little boring.
Panthers  +   2126d ago
Not as boring as watching cars go in circles for 500 laps.

Boty  +   2126d ago

I can't say much. I spend about $200 a year at the Louden race. The partying is fun. But I'm No big fan of a video game that goes around in circles for 300 laps. BUT I STILL BUY IT! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?
roblef  +   2126d ago
Yeah, NASCAR. Meh.
tdrules  +   2126d ago
how will i be able to drive around in circles with all my redneck buddies now?
cmrbe  +   2126d ago
Love is not all you need. GT5 is all you need.
Madgunner  +   2126d ago
now that GT5 has Nascar EA wont try to compete lol
free2game365  +   2126d ago
16 cars + bad track modeling = lol
aaron5829  +   2126d ago
8 Cars
Need i say more ?
Qazdaz  +   2126d ago
Driving round in a circle for a few hours...

I'll pass thanks.
Saaking  +   2126d ago
GT5 has nascar and that's more than enough.
cyberwaffles  +   2126d ago
would be pretty awesome if it came true but i highly doubt it. sounds like a lot of work and red tape with the publishers. if this does happen however, then i might pick up every single one of them.

note: horribly written article. i don't have the best linguistic writing skills, but i felt like a scholar after reading that.
Troll_Police  +   2126d ago
NASCAR is now exclusively on the PS3.
thebudgetgamer  +   2126d ago
i like nascar games. (my fav was dirt to daytona)
but i always wondered why cant they make it to have a full field in online mode?

below: agreed ea nascar games got floaty after a while.

btw: if pd made just a nascar game i would be all in.
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Faztkiller  +   2126d ago
Dirt to Daytona is a great game still play it somtimes
EA's nascar games where ok till nascar 08

EDIT: 43 car feild online would be cool but i always wanted some type of co-op or clan type thing in a racing game
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colossi16  +   2126d ago
I've started watching Nascar, they had an awesome road race in Cananda.
xboxlover  +   2126d ago
I agree with you about the Montrael race...
and many races are like that. (Ambrose fu(ked himself in that race for the 3rd year in a row). NASCAR games have been repetitive for a couple of ears now, I liked working your way up, but 08/09 sucked hardcore.

@11 The cars will be used, but I don't think drivers/sponsers will because EA still owns that stuff. They could get sued by NASCAR for not putting out a game they were paid to do when they signed the contract for however many years it was.
red2tango  +   2126d ago
gta5 ftw anyone?
aaron5829  +   2126d ago
GTA5 ?

I doubt it.... GTA4 was boring as hell.
red2tango  +   2125d ago
lol wtf i was high when i wrote that GT5 IS WHAT I MEANT
destrekor  +   2126d ago
Polyphony with the exclusive license?
I wonder if Polyphony/Sony got an exclusive NASCAR license for this season? I doubt it's multi-season exclusive, as a lot of games with licenses (WTCC, FIA GT, F1, WRC, etc), tend to be for a single season of the series.

But if GT5 has exclusive NASCAR, I wonder if that means it's really in-depth? Not that I care much about that, NASCAR bores me in terms of racing, but that might equate to an equally deep WRC career mode.
free2game365  +   2126d ago
Maybe an exclusive console license, but not a totally exclusive one
Iceman100  +   2126d ago
"No plans" For New NASCAR Game
about damn time now it's time for the madden, and fifa series to be put to rest.

"NASCAR is now exclusively on the PS3."

wrong idiot....it's dead jim.
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Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2126d ago
GT5 makes every other future and current Nascar games obsolete. Only an xbot would pay 60 bucks for a Nascar only game seeing how 90% of them are rednecks.
NaiNaiNai  +   2126d ago
so GT5 has every Nascar track right. other wise STFU before talking. kk. ^.^
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2125d ago
Did you just bring up the amount of tracks? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

How many damn tracks do you need for nascar? Its all a bunch of circles you dumbass.
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NaiNaiNai  +   2125d ago
you brag about nascar, yet you know nothing about it. sad droid. ^.^
cyclindk  +   2126d ago
Awwww, foohie! The part I liked most about Nascar games was track variety... to bad.
Bathyj  +   2126d ago
This just in. Rally and F1 games to be cancelled as well.

GT is a one stop shop for racing fans.
bjornbear  +   2125d ago
Its already in GT5 =P
W S K  +   2125d ago
EA: "No plans" For New NASCAR Game...
and you know why?!
because they $uck SO hard!!!

thumbs up EA!

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