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GrE writes, "In a rare twist, Atlus has informed us press-types that there are no embargoes on this game. We can talk about it freely, and fully. We could even review it if we wanted to. Boy, I wish. I just got the press-copy yesterday in the mail, so there's no way I could be through enough of this game to give a quality review.

However, I can preview the first part. Spoil it, if you will. So, if you do NOT want to know anything about the first part of the game, do not read any more. I MEAN IT! You've been warned. :)..."

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bgrundman3155d ago

This game looks hard as balls!

roblef3155d ago

even harder than that!

ThanatosDMC3155d ago

Kinda a no duh about the embargo since it's been out for a long while now. Try the 5-2. Damn, place is freaking huge but littered with enemies and if your super lucky which is 120% of the time you'll run into an NPC black phantom or a giant retard or a black phantom breaks into your game...

leyego3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

how appropriate because demon's souls is one evil game.

it gets easier, the first level pretty much teaches u how to play properly. the 2nd level introduces u to different weapon types and stuff.
after that u'll breeze thru the rest of the game.
that is until u reach ng+ for your trophy ppl.

heres a tip for all u new DS players in the future. Use a shield, and always recharge ur stam. duel weilding is WAY overrated.

roblef3155d ago

Dude. I am STILL on the first freakin archstone. YouTube walkthroughs are my savior!

CrAppleton3155d ago

Isn't that kinda cheating?

locos853155d ago

Why would that be cheating? It's his single player game, he can beat it however he wants. Strategy guide, youtube, friend help.

Nikuma3155d ago

It's not really cheating but it does ruin the challenge and experience of the game. This isn't a game that you want to be walked through. This is a game that you want to go into with a certain amount of uncertainty. I guarantee that you will get so much more from this game if you do.

Chubear3154d ago

How the hell is looking for help cheating? So if I'm stuck on a level and my friend tells me how he did it, that's cheating? That's stupid. Seeking help or advise is not cheating at all. Using an obvious exploit is cheating.

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Neco5123155d ago

I have a problem with games that are that frustrating. It defeats the whole purpose of playing the game if you ask me.

Unicron3155d ago

I second. Wuss. If it's well designed and just HARD, bring it on. If it's CHEAP, that's different. It's a fine, fine line.


nycredude3155d ago

I third Wuss!

Really though, it's not that frustrating or hard. It IS challenging but never is it unfair. If you died it's most likely because you made a mistake, whether it's impatience, or stupidity, or you tried to hack and slash your way through. The weak gamers perish and teh strong ones survive by getting better.

This review is wack btw. Check out a really well written and accurate review here.

I know it Eurogamer but it really is a good review!

INehalemEXI3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

if your wuss , you don't want this game it has a creepy vibe to it your heart will break. Been playing the Asian copy for some time and its no walk in the park but fun and creepy as hell. Then again you can always go at it co op but thats wussss to do so the first run IMO unless your going at it with a bud who also is noob.

ThanatosDMC3155d ago

If you're a wuss, dont bother getting the game. 3-1 will get in your nerves. Pitfalls everywhere. Witches that will kill you almost instantly with their magic or melee attack. The area is also creepy. Most areas are death traps... so good luck.

The game has an almost mandatory need to have a ranged weapon... preferably lava bow or the white bow.

Baliw3155d ago

that this game is REALLY frustrating but, as frustrating as it is, is HIGHLY adictive.
So adictive that, whenever i feel frustrated, I just leave the game and enter it with another character to keep on playing.

Anyway a nice game.

Also, i already have one asian copy and i WILL get me another one just to thank ATLUS for bring it over to you in USA. I live in Spain.

Thanks the them you too.

callahan093154d ago

But Demon's Souls is difficult. Not frustrating. There's a distinction there. I'm actually very easily frustrated by videogames. But I never felt frustrated during all 113 hours I spent with Demon's Souls. There were some really hard parts, but I never wanted to break the controller.

Chubear3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

Newage gamer: "Argh!!! the game is BROKEN!"

Gamer: How, it won't let you actually play it?

Newage gamer: No.. I mean yes. Every time I get to this spot that thing always kills me! Argh so frustrating!

Gamer: You tried dodge rolling?

Newage gamer: ... You can dodge roll in this game? Why the hell didn't they say so in the first place?!!

Gamer: It's in the manuals and tutorials

Newage gamer: ARGHHH! I dodged rolled but they make too hard to get a shot in. ARGH!!!! THIS GAME IS BROKEN!!!!!!

Gamer: Here, let me see the controller for a sec. There ya go, that's all you had to do

Newage gamer: ... BAH, this game sucks anyway. CoD4 pwns this broken piece of crap!

Gamer: -.-

ThanatosDMC3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

Yeah, dodging is better than blocking or equipping heavy armor but you need to get used to it or even those archers would kill your character.

Being lightly armored is great but if you get hit by a fatal blow you could die in one hit. At least if you know you're about to get hit try to block it since it'll reduce the damage by a little bit.

Oh well, there's a great selection of weapons... but i'd argue that they should have more variety of armors. Heck, i stuck with my knight's preset armor for most of my gameplay till i got closer to new game+ then i had the change it to speed.

Black Phantom people to watch out for are those that can weild Keel Smasher with ease they buffed up everything to physical damage. There are also mages that heavily rely on the Firestorm spell but just equip your Flame Ring and close in since it takes time to replenish MP. If they run away, stab them in the back for double critical damage.

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NiteX3155d ago

I guess this isn't a review for the US version seeing how it won't be out until Oct.

wondroushippo3155d ago

If you actually read it, you'd see, in the very first paragraph even, that it's a press review copy with no embargo on it. Sites do get advance copies of some games.

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