SingStar: The Beatles Rock Band Rumoured

Electronic Arts will be partnering with Sony Computer Entertainment to distribute a companion to the forthcoming The Beatles: Rock Band, it is currently believed.

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Parapraxis3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

I would definitely get this.
I prefer SingStar over GH & RB as it's all about singing. Real music videos are one of the best parts, plus it's actually challenging. The vocal aspects of the band games is far too easy IMO.
Lets hope this one is true. If it's a UK release only at first i'll definitely be importing it like I did SS Queen.

(What kind of retard would disagree with a statement like that?...only on N4G)

green-cigarettes 3217d ago

I hope they make it. i would be buying this with singstar queen (just waiting for the wireless mics)

Parapraxis3217d ago

Yeah, still no official word whatsoever when the wireless mics will hit NA.