Gaming's Grand Prix: Microsoft vs. Sony in Racing Simulators

This is going to be absolutely fascinating. When it comes to absolute simulation of motor racing, the best game in the world, by a huge margin, is rFactor on the PC. But add in a bit of arcade elements and the two daddies are Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport. We have moved, in this generation, to a market where you tend to have one massive game in each genre with the "me too" games selling far less successfully than before. But these two games are different because they are platform exclusives, GT5 is only on the Sony (SNE) Playstation PS3 and FM3 is only on the Microsoft (MSFT) Xbox 360. And they are both due out in Q4 '09. So we have war.

GT5 is the latest game in the biggest selling Playstation franchise of all time, with over 50 million sold. It is famous for featuring a huge number of cars and for absolutely amazing graphics. This fifth edition is due for release on 1 October 2009 and has been under development for many years. For the first time (other than as a test), it features online play, with 16 cars. Also for the first time it will have vehicle damage, a weakness of previous versions.

The original Forza Motorsport was Microsoft's answer to the GT series, had a Metacritic of 92% and a Game Ranking of 93%. It is famous for its realistic physics engine and had vehicle damage right from this first version. FM2 introduced online play with 8 players and sold 5 million units. Forza 3 is due for release on October 27 2009 and has over 400 different cars and over 100 different circuits.

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deadpoole3273d ago

Definitive racing game Forza 3 for Xbox 360 fans.

Almighty realistice game GT5 for PS3 fans.

Both these consoles and their exclusive games are winner. Ive got both PS3 and 360 and am gonna enjoy them both.

Zedux3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

just wonder how you and your friends are gonna enjoy Forza with MS's wheel! Kinda interesting! Any mod for rfactor is 10 better than Forza 3! GT5 will be ground breaking in almost all aspects but for the sim racing experience Supercar Challenge is the consoles winner!

3273d ago
Gue13273d ago

I can't believe that Bruce wrote this... I was expecting something between the lines of "Sony's desperate! They need GT5 to sell lots of consoles or everything will me doomed!", you know, that usual kind of thing.

DonCorneo3273d ago

shift in september

gt5 in december

flopza 3 never

wicked3273d ago

"This fifth edition is due for release on 1 October 2009"

is GT5 being released on 1st Oct'09?