Rumor: Rockstar bringing Table Tennis to the Wii?

The rumor mill is at it again, churning out log after log of potentially possible prospects in the gaming world. The latest of which is the rumor that Rockstar is planning on bringing its Table Tennis game to the Wii.

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nice_cuppa4239d ago

it looks sweet on 360 and wii wont do it !

i think developers should move away from sports games on wii !

Kuest4239d ago

C'MON man!! Give it a chance. I like playing on my Wii, not because it has good graphichs but because its a great diversion from Gears, Oblivion, and Crackdown. But yeah... I'm not expecting nearly as much depth as I did with the 360 version (which, personally, I thought was one of the best sports game developed for a console)

samsneed2114239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

Probably a reason why it may not be a good idea to have Table Tennis by Rockstar on Wii. I doubt the Wii will handle movements needed for table tennis well (if Wii Play was any indication). I think the movements the Wii picks up is at times, touchy, and at many times, sketchy. Just my honest opinion.

snoop_dizzle4239d ago

yeah graphically it would be lacking, but with the Wii controls it would be interesting.

TriggerHappy4239d ago

this coming. It will happen. gameplay wise, it's always look like a game for the wii

Adamalicious4239d ago

I have this game and have played it quite a bit (Liu Ping FTW). IMO the game would have to be changed so much to get it to work on the Wii that it would hardly be recognizable.

Also, the RAGE engine on the Wii?

That combined with the fact that it's not exactly a blockbuster title makes a port seem unlikely.

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