Gran Turismo (PSP) - 42 New Screenshots

SCEA has released 42 new screenshots of Gran Turismo for PSP. The game will be released the 25th of September on UMD and PlayStation Store.

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jay23215d ago

It's not out till 1.10.09

Zedux3214d ago

it doesnt matter the date its gonna be the second best sim for consoles first is SCC!

SoapShoes3214d ago

That won't be the opinion of many.

IcyJoker1873214d ago

I typed in Forza 3 and it brought me here!
Oh well GTPSP looks real good

Mr Bean Laden3214d ago

better than flopza 3 thats for sure

CobraKai3214d ago

I knew those other screens looked too good for the PSP, but these still rock.