Fable 2 community update, new concept art

A brand new community update: about making Fable 2.

From the update:
"You would be surprised at what goes into making games here at Lionhead Studios; I'm personally still amazed by some of the things that go on in the background. Everyone is starting to breathe Fable 2 over here; from the core development team and the CTG all-star team to the other supporting departments. And so it's time for some serious Fable 2 gossip!"

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Pheneus4208d ago

cause he is the king of false promises.

Lygre4208d ago

He promised lots of things for Fable 1 that didn't make it. And I didn't think that it was a really good RPG, it was OK.

I have bigger hopes for Mass Effect, but it would be nice if Fable 2 became a really good game as well.

techie4208d ago

he'll deliver. His dogs are soo cool (jealous)

snoop_dizzle4208d ago

even at his worse, its still good.
But yes, i do hope its a masterpiece.

TriggerHappy4208d ago

I have this video on windows media player, is an unseen trailer of Fable 2, is a bit blurry but definately beautiful I forgot the site and i keep replaying it over and over again. oh well

jay24207d ago

But........... don't worry guys;)