Shadowrun goes gold for 360 and Vista, coming 29th

Shadowrun, the absolutely inspired first person shooter that combines contemporary weapons, magic and advanced technology has gone gold. The first cross platform PC-360 FPS will be hitting retailers on May 29th.

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USMChardcharger3869d ago

i can't either...been a long time coming. get ready pc and 360 is almost time to get it on.

and don't worry RPG fans...they have said more than once that just because they did an FPS first doesn't mean they are not going to do an RPG next.

they have a lot planned for the Shadow Run universe...this is just the start.

Firewire3869d ago

USMChardcharger: If you check out Neogaf were allot of computer gamers hang out,
they don't want to touch this game! Apparently the controls are all screwy and stuff, and they don't want anything to do with live!
So I don't think you will see allot of computer gamers online for it!

Diselage3869d ago

Where is the control layout listed at?

gta_cb3869d ago

this game looks cool, with games like this being windows (vista) and 360, more people are going to start adopting to vista.

P.S. vista is actually a sweet OS but it just needs to have an SP1 come out for it, getting rid of the little problems here and there. i am running windows xp and vista

Diselage3869d ago

I really wanna see how well the PC players and the console players do against each other.

hamburgerhill3869d ago

This is a great game and I can't wait for it's release! I loved the beta and I'm pretty sure many pc gamers will buy it also regardless of what's read in a forum!

Kuest3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Looks cool, and I love the multiplayer deal w/ Xbox and PC. GOod times, gentlemen. Good TImes.

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