EA has a cow, man; announces new Simpsons game

GameSpot passes on the news that the Simpsons are coming! Specifically, to the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 2, the Wii, the DS, and the PlayStation Portable, this fall. Electronic Arts has announced the ambitious new action game based on the long-running Fox comedy, which will be the publisher's first since it acquired the licence.

In the latest game, which currently has the working title of The Simpsons (that title was used for an arcade game back in 1991), there will be 16 levels, which take the form of episodes, each with a unique title animation, setting, and story. Within each "episode" players will take control of two family members, or play one of them with a friend in a split-screen two-player mode.

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Pheneus4213d ago

sounds like it might actually be interesting

techie4213d ago

yuh it does doesn't it. It sounds cool...I wonder if the graphics will look like the cartoon...that would be really good, not everything has to be 3d ya know

Diselage4213d ago

If they graphics of the game was better than the show something would just be off.

So doh or deep what's up with ANOTHER name change.

nix4213d ago

anyway... EA is making or producing?

EA making games gives me jitters... would want this one to be interesting. ((:

TrenchaunT4212d ago

I have very, very low expectations for this game. EA making games doesn't just "give me jitters," it makes me want to throw the controller through the window. EA has a great history of screwing up good games (Sim City 4, for example), and the Simpsons, though once a classic show, hasn't been funny for eight seasons or more. And the only two Simpsons games I thought were worthwhile were the arcade game and Bart's Nightmare on the SNES.