Eyeshield 21 Hands-On

With Wii news slowing down a bit in the last few days, the IGN Wii team decided to venture to our nearby local import shop and grab a few new titles to feed the Japanese Wii. Amongst the list of games were train simulators, mah-jong games, and a plethora of already-released US titles at a sweet markup. Brushing off the distracting Wii fodder in front of them, they rested their eyes on Eyeshield 21. After playing a few hours of the manga-based football title, they've come to a conclusion; Eyeshield may not be a must-have Wii game for American system owners (importing a system and games can be costly), but for anyone in possession of a Japanese Wii, Eyeshield may be the perfect game to combat the summer-time blues.

Eyeshield 21 for Wii is based off the popular anime/manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Yusuke Murata. The series has exploded in Japan, and since been brought to America (with over 20 volumes already available) in the form of VIZ graphic novels. It may not be a worldwide phenomenon like Naruto, but Eyeshield is getting some attention both in anime fans and Nintendo system owners, as Eyeshield 21 for DS has become a hot import item for worldwide handheld owners over the last year and a half. Now that Wii is the new kid on the block, the series is making a return, and the outcome is extremely similar.

At length hands-on look at the title as well as all new screens and videos available.

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