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First Gran Turismo 5 screenshots released

PS3Fanboy - It's still hard for us to believe that Gran Turismo 5 is actually getting closer to completion. After years of teases and updates to Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Polyphony Digital has finally released the first ever official screenshots of the upcoming full retail game.

The screenshots aren't particularly revealing. In fact, nothing was quite as telling as the game's trailer from E3 this year. Also, the screens look terrific -- but don't be surprised if they resemble Prologue quite a bit. (Culture, Gran Turismo 5, PS3)

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Sonyslave3  +   2276d ago
So basically it is prologue but with more cars and tracks and it cost $60
-x.Red.x-  +   2276d ago
•about 1000 cars
•Nascar/ WRC OFFICIAL license
•80+ tracks 20+ real tracks
• online:
• private rooms, lobbies
• text & voice chat
• photo and replay album
• YouTube replay output
• time trial rankings

•car tuning
• damage, affects handling, roll overs
• PlayStation Eye head tracking
• up to 1080p 60fps
• up to Dolby 7.1
• custom soundtracks

But but teh definitive
DonCorneo  +   2276d ago
so basically flopza 3 is flopza 2
with no improvement but on 2 dvds

Gue1  +   2276d ago
So the head tracking thingy with the PSeye it's true? I heard about it but I thought that it was just a rumor. But if it's actually true then it'll be an amazing addition to the series.

BTW @Sonyslave3, prologue only had like 60 cars 10 tracks and some tiny online component so... I see big differences and even more after reading -x.Red.x-'s comment.
The_Beast  +   2276d ago
If it had 5 extra cars with 3 new tracks.. id be pissed.. but its not odst


i think you mean this

I hate xbox 3shtty. its useless!
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36T  +   2276d ago
I hate screenshots. Useless!!
El Botto  +   2276d ago
Dont forget:
*free online
*up to 16 player online
*weather effects (something Flopza 2 err I mean 3 doesnt have)
*F1 racing
*GT Citroen
*more pixels per car than flopza 2 and 3 combined
*greatest physics engine for racing games
54percent  +   2276d ago
Oh dear god I can't do that! I can't even pull the night effects, just pre rendered and pre disposed lighting ;_;

Lucky me, my loyal bots can't tell the difference between real time illumination and pre disposed lighting so they think Forza illumination looks real :D
THE MAX SPEED 21  +   2276d ago
Screens display are too low.
Cwalat  +   2276d ago
Agree, the images look shrinked down. And not in a good way.
tmt345  +   2276d ago
I think the site was given
low quality shots or something and they tried to boost the resolution, everything looks really choppy because of it.

Edit: (looking below) It annoys me how much this site lets old stuff get approved.
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phosphor112  +   2276d ago
WOW where has this guy been?
These pictures are like 2 weeks old. They showed up around Gamescom. Not only that but these are tiny compared to the other ones released.
Greywulf  +   2276d ago
Yeah these are the gamescon ones.. from august 22nd.. of the demo menu
Mr Marbles   2276d ago | Spam
INehalemEXI  +   2276d ago
I knew I seen them before but ran a search on N4G I couldn't find the original.
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jmmurillo86   2276d ago | Spam
cmrbe  +   2276d ago
It looks real
The lighting is what really makes it look real. Unlike other games shiny/plastic graphics. GT5 looks real.

Edit: Pizza, yes but it looks realistic because of the lighting. Its not shiny/plastic like games last gen. GT3 was the first game with shiny/plastic graphics and they look amazing last gen. Even now most racing games like Froza,PGR,dirt still flows it. PD took it a notch up and added a lighting system that makes care looks realistc in GT5. Here is what i mean http://ps3.ign.com/dor/obje...
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Pizzagaki  +   2276d ago
I dont know, these shots look a bit shiny.....
evrfighter  +   2276d ago
not trying to piss anyone off here but these shots look meh.
cmrbe  +   2276d ago
looks meh?
They look amazing to me. Perhaps they look too clean and why you think they don't look good.

However this shot is suppose to be a shot of a brand new car. Anyone can see that. It is suppose to look shinny and very very clean.
tatotiburon  +   2276d ago
really this a screenshot of the game or the HOME space....did i see chainsaw on the top of the car?
Aclay  +   2276d ago
Yes, these are in-game. The screens shown is exactly the way the Main Menu looks in GT5 Prologue, and it looks the same for GT5.

Everything in the Background on the Main Screen is In-Game, and the Main Menu shows the Car you currently have selected parked in different locations around the world. Yes, I know it looks almost TOO REAL, but it's Gran Turismo.
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Fishy Fingers  +   2276d ago
Bah... give me native res. Looks great though, GT always has a slick home screen.
callahan09  +   2276d ago
Yeah, these screenshots are as good as useless in this resolution, you can't get any indication of what it would actually look like on your TV.
DelbertGrady  +   2276d ago
Look at the lo-res ground textures and the blocky characters in the background. The jaggies on the car doesn't make it better.

And this is photo mode!
Tinted Eyes  +   2276d ago

We get it dude your stuck with flopza... uh forza but you bashing is pointless Gran Turismo is the best out.
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The_Beast  +   2276d ago
your retard, you do know thats not a track right?

lmao how you ganna play a racing game when you cant even tell a diff between a track and the menu.

I feel so bad for you....tell your parnts i said sry they have to deal with you..

More detailed then flopza the wanna be. Lmao i cant wait til HD shots from PD.
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Gue1  +   2276d ago
Do yourself a favor and play Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.
callahan09  +   2276d ago
Umm, yeah, clearly this the MENU, and NOT photo mode. And who cares what the people look like. This game is about the cars.
jacobdevos  +   2276d ago
im pretty sure this is the psp one lol
low res shots, low poly models..
you guys are crazy
Fishy Fingers  +   2276d ago
1024x576, that's one fancy PSP.
Aclay  +   2276d ago
I saw these screenshots a few days ago on GTPlanet... I didn't know that they were new... but damn, these screens are completely mindblowing.

The car shown in these screenshots (Super GT Xanavi Nismo GTR) and the Citroën GT are 2 cars I just can't wait to get my hands on in the game.
Megan Fox  +   2276d ago
What's up with the jaggies. This screens look awful.
callahan09  +   2276d ago
Joystiq is using some non-native resolution for these screenshots, so things don't look natural. It's really a useless article because these shots aren't displayed at the proper resolution, not to mention that these are OLD anyway.
JOLLY1  +   2276d ago
I don't know....
OLD seems like a stretch. A week ago is old, but OLD???

*edit* on my post down below, graphite dog, I have never said Forza 2s graphics were good. I have never said gt's graphics are bad. I just prefer the realism of Forza. Sorry you get offended so easy.
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steck67  +   2276d ago
Screenshots dont do the game justice. Wait til you put GT5 in your PS3 and play it in full 1080p @ 60 FPS and you will experience the true definition of "mindblowing".
Tinted Eyes  +   2276d ago
lol at the disagrees, they must be crying now.
solsub  +   2276d ago
Agreed. This game will truly kick some serious ass.
Mr Marbles  +   2276d ago
you guys should be quiet, screenshots do everyother game justice, but GT5 screenshots clearly look inferior to FM3 screenshots and you guys claim screenshots just don't do it justice? Come on.

In the end FM3 and GT5 will prolly look pretty much on par with each other, the gameplay will separate the two. Stop trying to convince everyone that GT5 is sooo much better than FM3, clearly its not, they will both be awesome, deal with it.
steck67  +   2276d ago
MrMarbles, no you should be the one to be quite. First of all everybody knows games look better in motion and second of all tell me where I said GT5 looks better than Forza 3, I m fukn waiting bro.
Mr Marbles  +   2276d ago
or no motion Forza looks better so far. The Forza shots were not in motion either but they still just look better than this. 1080p won't matter much if they dont get those poly counts up to Forza 3 levels

@below, that's cool, I agree, I actually think they will both look the same in the end.
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steck67  +   2276d ago
Okay cool, I dont have a problem with your opinion. I didnt say GT5 looks better than Forza 3, just saying lol. I'm a fan of racing so I'll be getting GT5, Forza 3 and NFS Shift. I already know that both GT5 and Forza 3 will be AAA games, I didnt mention Forza 3 in my OP because this is a GT5 article. Didnt want to be the fuel for the flame.
JOLLY1  +   2276d ago
Sucks they couldn't get their shadow maps to look any better..
The games still looks great though.
Greywulf  +   2276d ago
Oh please jolly. GT5p has better lighting and shadows than Forza2 & Forza3, and you seem to have no problems with F2's terrible graphics, and F...
So... I dont know what there is to say about your standards when it comes to amazing graphics.

I'm going to be here the day Turn10 finally releases screenshots. Its going to be hilarious to point out every single jaggy, popin-as seen in the videos-, low resolution model quality-like the headlights/tails, the absence of any sort of realistic paint reflections. or refraction surfaces in general, along with chrome/glass. my god its going to be great.

I'm going to say to you jolly...

"Buh buh definitive..?"

and you're going to do what you usually do.. Leave the story and pretend it never happened just like when you realized that you were actually comparing the graphics of a PSP game to Forza3, and it was close.
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Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2276d ago
Nice stealth trolling there. Pointing out something wrong in a highly regarded PS3 exclusive followed by the typical cover up of good words.

You think you can get away without people knowing your true intentions? LOL

Jolly, you just like Mr. Marbles are a troll. Simple as that. Period.
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OmarJA  +   2276d ago
@ Sonyslave3...
Yeah it's really embarrassing how GT5P still looks better then Forza 3.
KilZoneGeneralStrife  +   2276d ago
The mother of all driving sims
The drive of your life,baby :)
ZOMBIEMAN1  +   2276d ago
GT5 will blow us and car lovers away
Xbox360Elite  +   2276d ago
Move on everyone nothing of interest hear just GT5 Prologue......if you lades and gentle men look to your right theirs Forza Motorsport 3 where you get the ultimate driving experience and the most realistic racing experience ever breathtaking HD graphics only on xbox360.
The_Beast  +   2276d ago
Pd been doing this for 15+ years. how is flopza ganna be a better sim?...

rewind says hi.

"realistic racing experience" How is it realistic when an audi r8 has a bulit in stop watch to tell your lap times where the gauges are in driver's view.im pretty sure a real audi doesnt have that
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Aquarius  +   2276d ago
don't you find it embarrassing that NFS Shift and GT PSP... I repeat GT PSP!!!!! looks better than poopza 3.

This Fangirl reeks of jealousy. I can tell this bot was crying as he has mispelt some words, even ladies.
BTW bot you need to improve your grammar.
#16.2 (Edited 2276d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
PeptoBismol  +   2276d ago
Hear Ye Hear Ye
TheMart sucks Balls!
solsub  +   2276d ago
Loving the XANAVI NISMO GT-R. Can't wait for this game!!!
Playstation4lyf  +   2276d ago
u fukin low life xbot ps3 is way better and gt5 will own flopza gt psp is better for gods sake !!!
The Judderman  +   2276d ago
I hope these arn't finished shots. It looks awful. Im looking forward to gt5 but graphically Forza3 is looking miles better than these shots.
Man_of_the_year  +   2276d ago
Well to be fair, clearly the pics given are low quality and the website tried to enlarge the pics thus messing up the quality of the pic.

I have seen much better pics of the cars in GT5 than these shots. These shots don't represent the actual graphics in what GT5 will have. But these pics do look like sh1t.
Jamaicangmr  +   2276d ago
These aren't new.
This is a joke right?
These pics are beyond old.


Take note of the date of the article.

These aren't new.

*Got me gettin all fvcking excited, clicking on the link to look at this sh!t*
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The Judderman  +   2276d ago
These shots make it look awful.
Pizzagaki  +   2276d ago
You guys are downplaying Fm3 with this crap?
What an insult, horrible, the screens are so small, and its still jaggy.
The surfaces are flat, the textures are blurry and messy.
The-Warranty  +   2276d ago
And yet GT5 will be better no matter how much you troll GT articles
The_Beast  +   2276d ago
This is from GC and probibly low res....

ZOMBIEMAN1  +   2276d ago
soon pizza you'll be eating your words and your face when PD blows everyone away with GT5 The Real Driving Simulater PD knows what there doing they got more experience in car driving games than Turn 10 and when it's over all will know a few stood against many no wait wrong line that's from 300 iwhen it's over all will know why GT is The Real Driving Simulater
Pizzagaki  +   2276d ago
Blah blah blah.
Like i will care about GT5 when i am playing Fm3.
FM3 racing tracks are so awesome, who cares it got less cars.
GT got less tracks.

Its not like FM3 only got like 8 cars, it got over 400 cars.
And GT3 had only 150 cars, so FM3 is well on its way to have more cars then GT in near future.
#23.4 (Edited 2276d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
The_Beast  +   2276d ago
of course you will.. you only have a sht box and have to settle for an inferior peace of sht


FM3 tracks are not more detailed then that, cause gt5 got 3d backdrops and 3d surfaces, and fm3 doesnt.
#23.5 (Edited 2276d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
itchy18  +   2276d ago
"FM3 racing tracks are so awesome, who cares it got less cars.
GT got less tracks."

are the tracks of forza 3 detailed as GT5?? look at this video so you will know what i mean


forward it to 2:09
Pizzagaki  +   2276d ago
Actually, i got an I7 with 6gb of ram and a DX10 vid card.
I am gonna play Dirt2 on it, itl make everything console look shoddy.
I hooked that baby on my plasma, and il play with my 360 pad.

Got my pc for gfx, and the 360 for the ultimate gaming experience.

@above, yes, FM3 tracks are even more detailed then that, cause FM3 got 3d backdrops and 3d surfaces, and GT5 doesnt.
#23.7 (Edited 2276d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
The-Warranty  +   2276d ago
Hey pizza how many cars are on track in Forza? lolz
Pizzagaki  +   2276d ago
Plenty to call it a race.
With full damage models on all cars, counting up to 1 million polygons per car.

Gt5 settles with only 200.000 a car, no wonder theres more cars on the screen, GT got flat backgrounds, flat surfaces, and less polygons per car.
#23.9 (Edited 2276d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ZOMBIEMAN1  +   2276d ago
pizza your faboism ways have clouded your judgement and turned you stupid it's not the amount of tracks that makes a driving game it's the cars and how well they handle that is the most important aspect of a car game and in that GT5 has mastered and in the graphical quality of GT5 far surpasses that of Forza 3 while GT5 & GT5P blurs the lines of a video game car to a real car while Forza 3 has cars that are easily seen as a video game car and so what if Forza 3 has more cars than GT3 ,GT3 was from last gen GT5 is now and it has a 1000 cars and future GT's will have more the GT series is the best well know driving game and has had bigger influence in gaming and outside of games PD has been doing this for years and the they've been working on GT5 longer than Turn 10 on Forza 3 so you can be guaranteed that both graphically and overall GT5 will outshine Forza 3 i will tell you what i tell every 360 freak like you GT is the Halo & GTA4 of driving games
#23.10 (Edited 2276d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Pizzagaki  +   2276d ago
Ofcourse...... its the cars.......and not the tracks..........

And you call me clouded?
Arnon  +   2276d ago
Rofl... Who on earth says that a racing game is more about the number of cars over the amount of tracks to race on?
Lex Luthor  +   2276d ago
supremacy  +   2276d ago
ill hold my judgment
until the game launches and i buy it, yes buy it. i dont mean to sound like some fan boy, but to me GT5 is the real drivin simulator, anything else is just a clone to its shadow.

after sega tried to imulate gt with sega gt, it became clear to me that the cloning wasnt going to end there.

and so now if its not gran turismo to me its not uthentic at all, its like comparing gatorade and powerade..

just my opinion.

twisted metal> vigilante 8>full auto

GTA> true crimes> saints row

God of war>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>Dante's inferno

its just how i see things..
Pizzagaki  +   2276d ago
Need4speed is a lot older then GT, that makes GT the clone.....
GT didnt invent Sim racing either.
#25.1 (Edited 2276d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Jamaicangmr  +   2276d ago
@ Pizzagaki
Yeah but Need for Speed is an Arcade series, so whats your point really?
GT5 is the FIRST (1st) Driving Simulator of it's type on a console. Until you can show me the series that birth console simulators simular to the GT series then you have no real point.

There where F1 simulators not GT simulators.
Pizzagaki  +   2276d ago
Need4speed started as a sim series.
Besides, even X racing is older then GT.
#25.3 (Edited 2276d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
BYE  +   2276d ago
When GT5 comes out I will turn into a "GT5 exclusive".

I will play no other game, it's just that good.
#26 (Edited 2276d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Jeremy Gerard  +   2276d ago
Looks OK
but not really as good as say Forza 3, maybe better than anything need for speed has, but I am way more hyped for forza3. They should release more ingame footage, this is typical Sony, make you wait and wonder for years, then release a turd.


WTF are you talking about, anyone can play GT5, you just need access to a PS3. The question is, do I want to play it, from what I have seen so far i'll pass on it and just go with Forza 3. They need to release more footage or sumpthin, what are they afraid of? Afraid maybe Forza looks better or the same.
#27 (Edited 2276d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
wxer  +   2276d ago
nice ass in that avatar man
#27.1 (Edited 2276d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
FlipMode  +   2276d ago
You guys
Wanna know why I am loving this?

Because we get to play GT5

And because Xbox owners claim that GT articles don't get trolled as hard as Forza articles.

BX81  +   2276d ago
No I think they were saying that there are more PS3 Trolls that troll articles. You know what I'm talking about. As for the screen shots. It's good to see dirt2 looks the same.
Aquarius  +   2276d ago
I wish this was coming out in October to shut up all you crybabys.

But (un)fortunately ( for you ) we have:
Uncharted 2
Ratchet 2
Demon's Souls
Ninga Gaiden Sigma 2 ( Exclusive to PS3 )
Tekken 6 in the same month.

I becoming worried for these extremists fanboys. It appears to me that they are severely brain-damaged. They are always in denial and give no praise whatsoever. Are they programs cretaed by M$ :D
#29 (Edited 2276d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Pizzagaki  +   2276d ago
So your counting psp games and multi's to make your list sound kind of good ?
wxer  +   2276d ago
dude he only added 1 PSP game and a game that got more content in it

and why the f*ck you claim that your not a fanboy
yet you always bash the PS3 ?
and you claim to be the most honest guy in this website
yet you act like their is nothing good on the ps3

dude its just a game
why the hell you lie to us or to your self ??
Aquarius  +   2276d ago
I forgot GOW I and II on Blu-ray

Pizza oh my can you give me a better list than this

Uncharted 2
Ratchet 2
Demon's Souls
Ninga Gaiden Sigma 2 ( Exclusive to PS3 )
GOW I and II on Blu-ray
Tekken 6

yes Exclusive are you blind? *checks avatar* OMG he is. Adding to ignore list.
#29.3 (Edited 2276d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
PlayStation X  +   2276d ago
Gran Turismo Series Have Sold More Copies Than Both Xbox Systems Put Together And 10x More Than Both Forza Games :o

Forza Who?
Pizzagaki  +   2276d ago
And it took only 20 titles to pull that off.
And an install base of over 100+ million.
#30.1 (Edited 2276d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ZOMBIEMAN1  +   2276d ago
no pizza it only took 5 games 1 full GT game has sold more than Forza 1 & 2 combined fact

EDIT so what pizza Halo 3 did 10 million on a install base of 30 million + your in desperation and can't face facts GT series is the best in driving games while Forza just like Motor Storm , Dirt , good N4S games are just good driving games you enjoy playing but not games you say is the better overall game even if you've enjoyed Forza more it doesn't make it better just like i enjoy Motor Storm more than GT i don't go saying Motor Storm is way better or how i enjoyed Bad Company & KZ2 more than Halo i don't go saying those 2 are better than Halo you see what i'm trying to get thru your cheesy head
#30.2 (Edited 2276d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Pizzagaki  +   2276d ago
It took a whole lot more then 5 games....

Gran Turismo
Gran Turismo 2
Gran Turismo 3
Gran Turismo 4
Gran Turismo Concept 1
Gran Turismo Concept 2
Gran Turismo Concept 3
Gran Turismo 4 Prologue
Gran Turismo HD
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
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