First Gran Turismo 5 screenshots released

PS3Fanboy - It's still hard for us to believe that Gran Turismo 5 is actually getting closer to completion. After years of teases and updates to Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Polyphony Digital has finally released the first ever official screenshots of the upcoming full retail game.

The screenshots aren't particularly revealing. In fact, nothing was quite as telling as the game's trailer from E3 this year. Also, the screens look terrific -- but don't be surprised if they resemble Prologue quite a bit.

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Sonyslave33215d ago

So basically it is prologue but with more cars and tracks and it cost $60

-x.Red.x-3215d ago

•about 1000 cars
•Nascar/ WRC OFFICIAL license
•80+ tracks 20+ real tracks
• online:
• private rooms, lobbies
• text & voice chat
• photo and replay album
• YouTube replay output
• time trial rankings

•car tuning
• damage, affects handling, roll overs
• PlayStation Eye head tracking
• up to 1080p 60fps
• up to Dolby 7.1
• custom soundtracks

But but teh definitive

DonCorneo3215d ago

with no improvement but on 2 dvds


Gue13215d ago

So the head tracking thingy with the PSeye it's true? I heard about it but I thought that it was just a rumor. But if it's actually true then it'll be an amazing addition to the series.

BTW @Sonyslave3, prologue only had like 60 cars 10 tracks and some tiny online component so... I see big differences and even more after reading -x.Red.x-'s comment.

The_Beast3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

If it had 5 extra cars with 3 new tracks.. id be pissed.. but its not odst


i think you mean this

I hate xbox 3shtty. its useless!

36T3215d ago

I hate screenshots. Useless!!

El Botto3215d ago

*free online
*up to 16 player online
*weather effects (something Flopza 2 err I mean 3 doesnt have)
*F1 racing
*GT Citroen
*more pixels per car than flopza 2 and 3 combined
*greatest physics engine for racing games

54percent3215d ago

Oh dear god I can't do that! I can't even pull the night effects, just pre rendered and pre disposed lighting ;_;

Lucky me, my loyal bots can't tell the difference between real time illumination and pre disposed lighting so they think Forza illumination looks real :D

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THE MAX SPEED 213215d ago

Screens display are too low.

Cwalat3215d ago

Agree, the images look shrinked down. And not in a good way.

tmt3453215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

low quality shots or something and they tried to boost the resolution, everything looks really choppy because of it.

Edit: (looking below) It annoys me how much this site lets old stuff get approved.

phosphor1123215d ago

These pictures are like 2 weeks old. They showed up around Gamescom. Not only that but these are tiny compared to the other ones released.

3215d ago
INehalemEXI3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

I knew I seen them before but ran a search on N4G I couldn't find the original.

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cmrbe3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

The lighting is what really makes it look real. Unlike other games shiny/plastic graphics. GT5 looks real.

Edit: Pizza, yes but it looks realistic because of the lighting. Its not shiny/plastic like games last gen. GT3 was the first game with shiny/plastic graphics and they look amazing last gen. Even now most racing games like Froza,PGR,dirt still flows it. PD took it a notch up and added a lighting system that makes care looks realistc in GT5. Here is what i mean

Pizzagaki3215d ago

I dont know, these shots look a bit shiny.....

evrfighter3215d ago

not trying to piss anyone off here but these shots look meh.

cmrbe3215d ago

They look amazing to me. Perhaps they look too clean and why you think they don't look good.

However this shot is suppose to be a shot of a brand new car. Anyone can see that. It is suppose to look shinny and very very clean.

tatotiburon3215d ago

really this a screenshot of the game or the HOME space....did i see chainsaw on the top of the car?

Aclay3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Yes, these are in-game. The screens shown is exactly the way the Main Menu looks in GT5 Prologue, and it looks the same for GT5.

Everything in the Background on the Main Screen is In-Game, and the Main Menu shows the Car you currently have selected parked in different locations around the world. Yes, I know it looks almost TOO REAL, but it's Gran Turismo.