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Submitted by zypher 3506d ago | screenshot

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Screens

The closer and closer this game nears release, the more and more it looking like a true next-generation game. Here are the latest screens from (PS3, Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom)

PS360PCROCKS  +   3506d ago
While looking good, the character models kinda suck, like picture 2 is horrific...maybe it's like cause it's kind of dark in the screens like night time or something...or it just looks like way off screen or something...
Sevir04  +   3506d ago
lol!!! horrific
thats a funny word... i should use that word to decribe alot of things... thanks lol!!!
Cyclonus  +   3506d ago
Improved? yeah, but 0 x 0 = 0
Sadly, it doesn't look much better than this:


or this:


But I'm sure it looks better in motion, right?
OutLaw  +   3506d ago
I could see your point
Nice comparison.
zypher  +   3506d ago
achira  +   3506d ago
sorry but dark kingdom has far better graphics, your comparison sucks in any way.
ACE  +   3506d ago
you picked on the wrong game ,,,, OBLIVIAN is one of the best games i have ever playd , the graphics in that game blow any thing on the ps3 AWAY ....

a truly amazing game oblivian that is an insult to the game to have been compared to this poor showing
zypher  +   3506d ago
was a sony fan
who said anything about gameplay. yeah, i have Oblivion, and its a great game--maybe not as deserving of all the hype it's getting, but a great game nonetheless. but its GRAPHICS are hardly next-generation calibur, as evident by the hi-res pictures i've provided from don't let your hatred of Sony blind you to logic and reason. the proof is in the pudding; just compare the pictures.
ACE  +   3505d ago
i have playd oblivian for like 300 hours , i have clocked it and still plAy it ,,, graphicly oblivian is amazing mate you are wrong in a big way ,,,, i have seen some breath taking scenery in the game that looks very real ,,, have you closed an oblivian gate???? if yes then you must have seen the graphics in the castle fukin amazing how can you compare it to this poor showing not only this but the world you walk around in oblivian is free to go where you want etc 16 miles squere this is an estimate ....

the pictures you linked to are very poor dont do the game any justice ....


but bottom line is sony are well known to over hype there specs by like 2x the amount from reality .......

its easy to give thereatricle figures but in practicle they are incorrect ,,,, this is fact mate
zypher  +   3504d ago
was a sony fan
who cares about what Sony says? only an idiot would place much stock in what Corporate CEO's say. in all my arguments on this site you have NEVER read me quoting anything Sony says. i NEVER discuss the verbal hogwash that goes on between Sony and Microsoft, nor that between misguided Sony fanboys and Microsoft fanboys. i STRICTLY talk about games, and what DEVELOPERS think about them. i'm talking about whats been SHOWN. when i posted the news article about Untold Legends one of the things i said was how it was finally starting to look next-gen (meaning that before now i DIDN'T think it looked next-generation). some (and let me pause before calling him a fanboy) but some gamer posted pictures of a XBox game that to him looked as good. in turn, to prove my point that Untold Legends was starting to look good, i posted pictures of Oblivion. according to those pictures (which btw came from, which is as unbiased as gaming sites come) Oblivion doesn't look as good as Untold Legends. granted, Untold Legends may be a sucky game gameplay-wise: but that still doesn't change the fact that right now, graphically it looks better than Oblivion, which is a good game gameplay-wise. i can understand your dislike for SONY (don't know what that has to do with the PS3 however): but if you are a gamer of reason then you can only see my argument as just, since i've provided proof. below are a few more pictures of Oblivion.

and here's a picture of the Oblivion gate you were talking about.

now, the point i'm trying to make with these pictures is that; no, they DON'T do the game justice. i have it, and i've seen it in motion: and it looks much better in motion than these still screens from THE EXACT SAME THING can be said about Untold Legends. if still screens of Untold Legend look better than still screens of Oblivion, doesn't it stand to reason that in motion Untold Legends will look better than Oblivion? how ever much Sony may try to hype the graphical quality of the PS3, PS3 developers will deliver on that hype, as is evident by Heavy Rain, MGS4, Lair, Assassins Creed, Mercaneries 2 etc.
ACE  +   3503d ago
i have to heavily disagree with you there mate ,,, when i said have you closed an oblivian gate , what i was trying to get to was then you must have seen the castle you go in ,,, the graphics are like jaw droppingly amazing i havent seen any thing on ps3 that has touched these textures not only this but the caves have some photo realistic textures to ...... i have taken better photos of the game then the ones you listed truthfully mate the oblivian screen shots are crap it does the game no justice what so ever and your exaple aint very good considering the qulity of pick with Untold Legends and oblivian cos theres alot to concider eg the size of the picks posted to the size of the picks in oblivian but not only this ,,, is Untold Legends
a free roaming do what you want game? .... what besheda have done with oblivian is an technicle marvel mate

as for the list of games you mentiond === Heavy Rain(its coming to 360), MGS4(not interested), Lair(i want to see in game stuff), Assassins Creed(it WILL come to 360), Mercaneries 2(coming to 360) etc.
problem is when i playd the ps2 stuff ,, I felt it was over hyped and it is over hyped ....
ms are good for the games industry mate cos they want to make some trully amazing games and they are investing alot of monney in there too....
i have seen ALL the ps3 videos in hd etc there is nothing INGAME that says its better then the 360 not only this but you have to remember this sony did show CGI videos(e3 05) trying to say that is how there ps3 will be and well every person out there who knows about specs and stuff will know that sony where lieing ..e3 06 nothing lookd like the cgi they showd at e3 05 thats bad mate real bad ,,,
only the hard core sony fans will believe them lol cos sony do a good job of brainwashing people its sad it realy is what the games industry is coming to
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zypher  +   3503d ago
haven't actually made it inside the castle in Oblivion yet: but from what i've seen in motion while i was playing it, in the events leading up to Kvoltz (if thats how you spell it) Oblivion doesn't WOW me graphically like, say, GRAW does. like i've said, i think its a great game gameplay-wise (don't think its the best the 360 has to offer, or even the best rpg, but great nevertheless), i just don't think that its graphics look any better than the pics or vids i've seen of Untold Legend. thats just my opinion.

as far as the games i listed for the PS3, they all were demoed in realtime: meaning what we've seen of them is actually how the game will look (that includes Lair--which Factor 5, not Sony, confirmed to be realtime--and Heavy Rain). whether or not Heavy Rain, Mercaneries and Assassins Creed are coming to the 360 is irrelevant: because so far those games have ONLY been shown on the PS3; meaning that whatever graphics we've seen were rendered on the PS3. i don't see how you can say that Sony overhypes and under-deliver on its systems with graphics like MGS4, Assassins Creed, Lair and Heavy Rain. i do find it interesting that you'd question my taste in games while you yourself aren't interested in MGS4 (the most graphically impressive game so far), yet you are interested in Heavy Rain, Assassins Creed and Mercaneries simply because they MAY come to the 360 as well. but oh well: to each his own.

as a consumer all i'm interested in is the goods that i purchase. i don't entertain my own emotions by trying to convince myself that, "oh, Microsoft and Sony cares about me and what i think". i don't care what they think, cause i know that they only care about how to get my MONEY. since i'm the one who am willing to freely give it to them, all i care about is the quality of the products they provide. if the PS3 can give me such games as those i've listed, then i couldn't care less whether or not Sony's arrogant or whether or not they hype their systems. people said the same thing about Sony and the PS2: that Sony hyped it. but guess what: they delivered on that hype irregardless of their arrogance, with games such as Ratchet and Clank, God of War, MGS, FF, Res Evil, Gran Turismo etc.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3506d ago
wow its amazing I never noticed the original Xbox games were actually really nice
PS360PCROCKS  +   3506d ago
and I played them lol
Cyclonus  +   3506d ago
Nice try, Zypher
but you fail.

First of all, Oblivion kills this game. Second, Oblivion is a PC PORT. Untold Legends is built from the GROUND UP for PS3.

And the fact that Xbox 1 games like Brute Force and Fable compare to a 4d, "the next generation starts when WE say it does" $600 PlayStation 3 game is beyond pathetic.
#5 (Edited 3506d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
zypher  +   3506d ago
don't be a dumb ass. for every low-graphical-quality game that a system has, there are three more with great graphics. i never said that Untold Legend was the cream-of-the-crop of PS3 grahipcs, hence me saying that it's finally starting to look next-gen. that Untold Legend (amongst the most graphically lackluster PS3 games so far) looks better than Oblivion (the most lauded 360 game so far) is justification enough for my argument. have you PLAYED Untold Legends to know that Oblivion kills it? cause it DEFINATELY doesn't kill it me i know; i'm actually sitting here right now playing Oblivion--just started, met up with the dude who told me that Martin (the emperor's heir) is lost in that Kvoltz-whatever city that's just been overrun by Oblivion demons, just in case you needed proof. it barely looks any better than KOTOR. don't get me wrong, its a fun game, but its graphics ain't all that. Oblivion being a PC port shouldn't really matter. at the very least you're simply implying that Untold Legends looks better than the PC's Oblivion. but since we're on the subject of built-from-PS3 games, i can point to numerous games that look better than anything in the works for the 360 with the exception of GOW (MGS4 notwithstanding) which would justify $600
THE TRUTH  +   3506d ago
It's not like 360 games have all had that WOW factor so don't come here trying compare screenshots. I can name a few 360 games that I have played that are sub-oar. Example OVER G FIGHTERS (looks and plays like an Xbox game), NBA LIVE 06 (just bad phyics and players sweat from the opening tip) PDZ, NHL 2k, The outfit. matter of fact choose any launch title and tell me one that is graphiclly amazing......
Dustin_c_miller2008  +   3506d ago
this game seems like its going to be a fun game to play. but it looks like it can get borring easy. but i hope its a long game and an interesting story.
specialguest  +   3506d ago
first of all, those graphics are crappy for a next-gen system. blame it on the third-party developer, not the console.

on another note, the only problem i have here is why most of you Xbox fans bash almost everything Sony presents. never have i seen such hatred for a video game company that does not effect you.(since you're not buying a Sony anyway)
PS360PCROCKS  +   3506d ago
If you pay attention we applaud good things, and say negative on bad things, no one said it was bad we just said it wasn't fantastic, we all said that other game their showing on here looks very good, with the chick fighter, we simply supplied our opinion, you all spend more time complaining about our opinion than actually making a forum what it's out to be, a opionated place for ANYONE to say what THEY believe and others to provide truth, fact or more opinion, if you think were wrong and you think it's so great, tell us why and give us examples, whether you believe it or not, we do read your posts and take into consideration what you say, well everyone but gametime, we dont just come here to go "Hahahaha SONY SUCKS" pretty sure most of us, I said MOST, have nothing against the PS3, we just personally like the xbox 360 and were curious what the competition is cooking up...
Sevir04  +   3506d ago
to xbox360rocks
Hey ur guilty of it in any case... even if it isn't anything bad it sucks as long as it comes to sony... u may not have said it on this post but u show it in others... and in this case... the graphics here are rapidly improving... and... now this game isn't the make all break all launch game.. but it's steadily climbing the ladder of graphical quality... now i'm not here pickin fights with u or anything but if u ask me Crappy is almost the worst ways to say bad... there's now way u can disagree with saying the graphics are crappy and then try to make it sound like it isn't that bad by saying it isn't fantastic... u can say it aint fantastic but isn't it's not sucky either... it's at least crossed previous generation.. in that sense it gives the impression that hey we now it's not all that but it aint a bad thing to look at either.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3506d ago
Sorry "Sevir" but I am far from guilty, I constantly try to make rational comments and keep the flaming to a minimum, also I never once called this game "crappy"

"While looking good, the character models kinda suck, like picture 2 is horrific...maybe it's like cause it's kind of dark in the screens like night time or something...or it just looks like way off screen or something"

this was my opinion and others stated they agreed that picture 2 looked worse than the others. Also I don't bash everything Sony, I'm not some psycho loser who has something out against a corporation I have bought many products from. I'm not mad but I find it hard for you to call me out when you have made a total of 35 comments since registering and I have been making them since November 2005, I really think your idea of me is a little bit premature. I am not mad, it's just your opinion but I am the first to applaud anything good for the PS3, and I did say that this looks good because I think it does, just not picture 2, the character model looks weird to me, like it's either night time or just way off screen, theirs just no definition in the face whatsoever...
Sevir04  +   3505d ago
hmmm i see well my appologies
hey man i never really ment to come off that way at all... i read ur previous comments and even laughed at a few that u said... in reference to the "crappy" i knoew u didn't say that... another user did... but i was just getting at the fact that u agreed with that user... and then u say it isn't fantasitc. i dont know i see ur constructive crit here, but the flames have come from u in any case yes i've only started commenting here recently but i've been here since november.. when the site use to be ps3today. and since then i've seen the immoral flaming... and for me i hate flaming i dont do it... thats why i've only made thirty five comments and it's mainly on topic or clearifying a baised attempt to put down a company... u may never see my posts on 360 games because i own one. so i really have no need to bloat it's power when there really isn't much to compare it to... no other next gen is hear on the market till november so i find it pointless for many to flame that why i dont. the cursing and all aint even nesseccary and alot of the users here do it even the ps3 fan boys... now i like to distance my self from the fans because in this gen it will be close.. and i think that the ps3 will offer stuff the 360 wont and vise versa. but none the less i've read a few of ur post elsewhere on news4gamers and they bashed sony alot... they may have been on topic but the bashing was there none the less... so when i say guilty of it i just mean on a whole whether u've done it once or a million times like that lunatik Land of sands or that xbox basher SSj... heck i've bashed it too but that was before i own the system... and i relaized that hey it's child ish... so again... i dont percieve u any way ... and i think ur more mature than most posters here... i just thought that this particular comment was alittle hypocritical if u ask me but it's just my opinion on this matter... i didn't mean to come off so abbrasive and well rude if i may call it but it really wasn't the case at all.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3504d ago
yeah I get you, it's chill I just a management position so I wont be here very much anymore anyways, 50-60 hours a week doesn't leave much time left to share with your g/f.
JIN KAZAMA  +   3506d ago
Oblivion doesnt look that great
the PC version of oblivion looks much better than the 360 version, read the reviews on any site. It was said, that with a High End PC, the graphics look better. This game is comming along very nicely, i remember when they first showed its screenshots, and it looked like crap, but now, its looking pretty awesome. You guys have to remember the launch lineup for the 360, they were horrible. Graphics were as good as late gen ps2.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3506d ago
Um how could an improvement from the xbox to the xbox 360 look as good as late gen ps2 when the original Xbox has better graphics than the late gen PS2? lol I get what you mean tho, I think COD2 and that one fairy tale game I forget the name were the only ones with much better graphical presentations, well and the sports ones but they had no features.
#9 (Edited 3506d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Sevir04  +   3506d ago
well God of war 2 looks better than launch games for the 360
and the game aint even due out till next feb.... RE 4 being a port from game cube looks better than quite a few xbox games and PDZ... lets not go there... developers were pulling out the stop for the ps2 and were making some xbox games lookin like utter crap.... it's what the developer can do... square final fantasy 12 looks better than the 360 FFXI... what are u trying to get at... it's quite possible for that to happen... RARE for one isn't the legendary developer they were years ago... if they were calling the that graphical piece of slop PDZ next gen then mario party for game cube definately eats it alive with more umph.... but still the not all games sucked graphically for the 360's launch... there were 3 games that were great well 1 was great and the other 2 were decent... COD2 was shockingly awesome... graphically. and then Condemned and DOA 4 were decent they had flair but nothing like call of duty 2, and i give infinty ward major props for that visual bang... all though they did a much better job on the high end PC... still the fact remains that cod2 was amazing... every other launch title lacked some much luster and were touted as NEXT GEN.... nope nope nope.,.. PS2 games look and even xbox games looked better than some 360 games... Ninja gaiden looked ten times beter than King kong for the 360, not even the sooo touted kameo looked as crisp as the graphically stunning ninja gaiden... i can say if it was one developer who made ur xbox look like it could do things it was team ninja... as amatter of fact it's only team ninja..... for sony, it's sony, sqaure, capcom, konami, namco bandai. sega... as it stands this game is getting better and better and when it launches on november it will rock... it will look good and clear the lines of what a launch title should look like end of story.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3506d ago
whoa you just totally reiterated what I had said, I was just playing around and being sarcastic because the original Xbox was more powerful and games that were ports usually looked better on a Xbox, but I did say that Kameo and COD2 were the only 2 to me that looked very good. But every 360 game now is leaps and bounds ahead of the launch games, Alan wake is looking unbelievably lifelike. Also for the 2nd time I never said this looked bad by any means, I just said that the 2nd picture with the character model was bad, no definition in the face, but not to sound like a fanboy but I would expect the launch games to look better for PS3, they have had far more time working with the hardware than the developers did with the 360, whether its final hardware or not, the 360 was not out as long as the PS3 has been, and they still have till November. Think about it Xbox 360 was announced at E3 2004, out November 2005, PS3 was announced E3 2004 and is out November 2006, you know they have been working on these games for a while now
#9.2 (Edited 3506d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Sevir04  +   3505d ago
LOL!!! my bad my bad
but hey i wasn't bashing u either... just really reiterating what was said... ^^ i just dont know how to read sarcasim... in that sense
TitanXX  +   3506d ago
IT looks good but
It does need improvement I mean Pic 2 was not that great. I do agree with #7 in some acpect in the fact that the 3rd parties did'nt utalize the PS3 to the capablity that it should be, but They don't have the final dev kits so I do accpect improvements
Sevir04  +   3506d ago
that maybe true... but this isn't a 3rd party game
Thats why compared to other ps3 launch games... it's rapidly increasing in graphical flair... this is one of sony's own internal First party games... and no one knows the technology better than the ones who created it... thats why Gears of war looks better than frame city killer, fatal inertia, Coded arms: assualt, Rainbow six and Splinter cell and too human and Mass effect... all those games list run on the UE3, but who's making the games look the most out standing... Unreal why, because they are the ones that created the tech engine... so come launch time this will look great much better than what we see now...think about how this game looked when it was forst shown at game developers conference this passed march.... i was say... is that a ps3 game or a nintendo game cube game... it was yuck to say the least... and for them to come this far within only 5 months... and they have another 5 months to go.... wow great stuff here... yes it needs work... but that work is going in and we are all seeing it... and we'll only see better as launch tightens closer.
Dustin_c_miller2008  +   3506d ago
why do so many of you like graphics so much? i believe just as long as it looks better than a gamecube it has good gpraphics. but graphics dont have to matter its about the game final fantasy x the graphics werent to great but the game was fun. zelda windwaker graphics could have been better but was a very fun game. halos graphics were awesome but the game was fun i didnt even pay attention to the graphics on every game i have mentioned i just thought about the next quest the new adventure shooting down the aliens wondering if una and tidus will kiss i never cared about what the graphics are like. so why do you all care so much about graphics?
NJ1307RS  +   3506d ago
The gameplay is what matters. But the graphics are also important because it enhances the gameplay.
Sevir04  +   3506d ago
amen to that!!!! amen to that...
THE TRUTH  +   3506d ago
NJ1307RS Nice post man, simple and sweet
achira  +   3506d ago
thats amazing how the screenshots get better and better, this graphic looks good !!! another good game for the ps3.
omansteveo  +   3506d ago
Yeah now lets hope its not as bad as the PSP games the first one suck second one eeehhh okay maybe the third times a charm
Dustin_c_miller2008  +   3505d ago
yep exactly what i was saying NJ1307RS gameplay what matters graphics dont matter all that much. but graphics i guess do play a part in that but as long as games dont go back to being 2d then were good to go.
dc  +   3504d ago

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