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New Saint's Row Footage

An amusing new video of Saint's Row showcasing some hilarious gunfights with pimps and car-vs-pedestrian physics. (Saints Row, Xbox 360)

OutLaw  +   3001d ago
Good footage
I better stop BSing and put my down payment on the game.
Cyclonus  +   3001d ago
GTA clone or not
This is a day one purchase for me. The physics look great. I liked the car exploding and landing in the water.

Saint's Row is gonna be hella fun on Live!
Gamer13  +   3001d ago
i just can,t wait to play this game on xbox live.
Looks realy good - and graphics and gameplay seem to be on point, even free roaming the city doing alot of crazy stuff will be fun.
USMChardcharger  +   3001d ago
Just like they said
they said it would be GTA with a lot of improvements. (i like that they just came out and said it)

i like how you can shoot to the front and to the back of the car.

looking good, but most important...FUN.
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PS360PCROCKS  +   3001d ago
this game will consume me, lol I love GTA
xeon121  +   3001d ago
Iv been waiting a long time for this one lets hope we get another awsome demo on live like prey
Dusk  +   3001d ago
Looks great. Looked to be running smooth, too. Definate purchase.
Marriot VP  +   3000d ago
HOLY CRAP, this will destroy San Andreas even if it doesn't get enough exposure. It just looks to handle so fluently and has sharp graphics.

I was playing san andreas for the first time on my 360 and thought this is upscaled?? Man I can't wait for this.
Bishop  +   3000d ago
It looks good but the demos that they show on gametrailers have far too many popups do to the fact that the game world must be so large. In one video a guy was driving ran into an area and a fence poped up and San Andreas is a much older game but I am sure GTA4 will kill this game next year.
Funky Town_TX  +   3000d ago
I want it more and more
I hated GTA. The physics sucked. I'm a grafix freak, and I love cool physics. Saints Row just maybe be coming home with me.
mikeeno7  +   3000d ago
This doesn't have the hype of games like Gears of War and Mass Effect but i have always thought this was a silent killer game...
Bill Gates I Am  +   3000d ago
Day one, I'll be there. Come home and run down some beeatches!!!
PS3sux360inchWiiWii  +   3000d ago
This game will be good enough!
I feel this game will cover all areas it has to. Even if it don't kill GTA, I feel this game has its own turf to build off of and perhaps give birth to other awesome sequels? this game is getting my $60 reserve tomorrow!
THAMMER1  +   3000d ago
Mr. me too
I going to get saits row......Yeah me too. I think this will be fun...... yeah me too. I think the graphics are sweet....... yeah me too. Every one say hello to Mr. me too. Just kidding I will own this game the day it comes out.
hydrog  +   3000d ago
PDZ in the Ghetto?
Looks great! I just hope the controls are smooth. Whoever's playing that demo is making it look like PDZ, either he/she sucks or the controls are wacked like PDZ....
Fraggerock  +   3000d ago
this game is going to own
I played this at E3 probably more then any other game. It is just like GTA, except it is more violent (much more violent!) and literally everything I didnt like in GTA has been removed. They improved upon everything, mainly the controls. The aim is just perfect now, unlike in GTA where it was almost a chore to shoot stuff. This game is going to own, mark my words!
MikeIsOnFire84  +   3000d ago
omansteveo  +   3000d ago
Thats cool i wasnt to sure about this game at first i thought it would be a GTA rip off like true crime and all the other lame ones but the more i see it looks cool i doubt i will buy im sick of GTA all together they are all the same
The Real Deal  +   3000d ago
Online Gang Wars
I love it. Start a gang online. Compete against rival gangs. Drive by shootings. Protect the Pimp. This isn't another GTA. This is taking GTA and making it online. Something that has yet to be experienced in any game. Its going to be too fun. I definate must have title. I hope it uses the vision cam to put yourself in the game. That would be sick....
djsimo  +   3000d ago
it looks awsome!!!
U never know they even might make sequels to this game like GTA and if it's goodenough,it may even kill GTA!!!
Mikey_Gee  +   3000d ago
GTA has competition
I am a big GTA fan, but to be honest ... this game looks very very good and I think it will give GTA a very hard fun for it's money.
Marriot VP  +   3000d ago
I can't get over this game. The graphics, physics, customizability, lighting, and that pimp. Man this will rock.

Top notch, I hope it won't be a sleeper title I want others to enjoy.
PS3sux360inchWiiWii  +   2999d ago
I just paid my reserve!!!!
Prey collectors edition is fully paid and ready for pick-up on monday!

Dead Rising and Saints Row are fully paid off and ready for pick-up as well!

Thank god for trading in used games... cause that is the only way I could afford this great gaming goodness at a time when money is tight!!!
THELANDSOFSAND  +   2997d ago



seriously, i want to play it NOW!! the online features look great, graphics are smooth and lush, killer gameplay, full customization, bling! bongs! PROTECT THE PIMP!


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