Rumour: Forza Motorsport 2 Demo in Less than 12 Hours

A Forza Community VIP has posted on the official Forza forums that:

"Hey guys, will have good news about the demo by tomorrow morning (basically in the next 12 hours).

It's coming sooner than you think. ;)"

So if this is true, depending on your location, you'll be playing Forza very very soon.

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P4KY B3941d ago

please please be true.

mcintosh2333941d ago

Dear Boss,
I'm sick, very sick almost dead. Too ill to get a doctor note. Couldn't possibly make it in. Ugghhh really really sick now.

Yours McIntosh
(ps send a interm out to get me a wireless 360 wheel and have it brought to my house immedietely. Wife really wants it)

Saint Sony3941d ago

Yes, please.. this has to be true.

iHeretic3941d ago

Please be true, i can't wait anymore!

TriggerHappy3941d ago

the forum VIP usually come out to confirm or deny a rumour, they would never make an announcemnet like this if it was not true.

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The story is too old to be commented.