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sonarus2701d ago

Seriously charging 3 dollars for a dynamic theme is the most ridiculous crap. Better be giving some away free for pre ordering cus dats d only way i' getting one. Thanks to Afrika though i'm st8 with ma zebra theme:D

LiL T2701d ago

I wish I had read this article 20mins ago. I unfortunately had $4.06 left in my ps account and went for the LBP one. I am kicking myself right now because the Afrika theme is way better.

Play Now My Lord2701d ago

all companies love the $$$$, thats why we have a console.

Play Now My lord?

anh_duong2701d ago

you do know that you are making a comment about sony making $$$ in a post that mentions sony giving away a free theme.

shawnsl652701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

I wouldn't mind paying.. .25~.99 cents for a really good Bleach or FFVersus13 full theme.

Free dynamic theme that I would like to see:

Rain forest
Tropical Beach
Stormy Ocean
Oceanic deep sea creature
Grand Canyon
Yellowstone geisure
African Plain

Just lots of nature stuff you know?

LiL T2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

you mean like micro$oft.

Nice list I would like to see
A Fisherman in a river scene
A Bear in a river scene
Lion pride scene
Snowboardig/Sking in a nice Mountain scene
Pit stop action scene (for the GT5 lovers)
Theres too many ideas to list.

@Sarcasm below
Yeah some Pit crew action for GT5 would be sweet
Batman AA Joker

Winter47th2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

I'll just have to make do with 1 Animated Background a month.

Sarcasm2701d ago

Dynamic themes I'd like to see:

- MGS4 or something MGS
- GT5
- Uncharted
- Ratchet & Clank
- God of War

Pretty much all the first party games and a few 3rd party games.

MikeGdaGod2701d ago

that's better......wish i hadn't wasted the $2.99 on the other.....they got me this time, not again

Sarcasm2701d ago

Anybody else notice that it says

"2008 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc."

at the bottom of the Afrika theme?


Poopface the 2nd2701d ago

how do I go to the japanese store, do I have to create a new Japan PSN account. Ive done it before on XBOX to get the NG 2 demo, but if I have to make a new account Ill pass, even though I think zebras are cool.

Maddens Raiders2701d ago

I've never seen so much whining, babbling, and carrying on over spending three (3!) freaking dollars for something that's worth it. Hell, the PS3 cost $600 when it launched, so everything else must be free right???

Most of you waste more time here on N4G when you could be out making some money instead of whining and making fools out of yourselves over THREE freaking dollars.

Jeez, get a job, or a hustle or a scam or something, but don't admit to the world that you're broke after three little measly dollars.


phosphor1122701d ago

That was all sorts of difficult =[.

Winter47th2701d ago

Theme Settings > Background > Brightness -3

Gotta love the flexibility of the PS3.

Christopher2701d ago

I don't buy themes or images that cost money. Whether it's on the 360 or the PS3. But, hey, if they want to try and make some money off of their work, who am I to stop them considering for every person like me there's at least one who will buy the product.

ThanatosDMC2701d ago

To those that bought the theme:

Does it have some background sounds/music???

Wouldnt it be cool to have a zombie or monster theme? Or some kung fu fight in the background. Jet Li vs the General fight would be awesome!

The fight against the girl's uncle was just Fing great too!

Where's that damn editor/creator program?!

Jeebus2701d ago

I think it'd be cool to have the CQC background from MGS3 as an animated bg

DaTruth2701d ago

That game dropped in 2008.

pain777pas2701d ago

Some of the great designers will make free ones on PS3 themes or something give it time.

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Dutch Boogie2701d ago

hmm not a very smart move by Sony if you ask me. Atleast as a first day release let gamers download the LBP theme for free. Hopefully developers will gives us free themes for preordering their games and a community website starts developing their own. Things like these should just be free.

bakaPX2701d ago

I agree. Or if not, it should be 1.99 at the max. I understand that Sony is doing that for whatever reason but to us buyers, it's like a rip off. It might seem like a good deal but $2.99 for a animated theme? I'd understand if the included more stuff in the animated theme. But it seems cool. Might get my bro to get it.

DaTruth2701d ago

It's a very smart move. Had they not charged it, they wouldn't have my money right now. But I will not make a habit of this.

AXOi2701d ago

Before I bother creating a Jap account... do these zebras do anything? or is it just an alternating picture gallery.

I certainly didn't expect Sony to be charging for the very first dynamic theme, c'mon guys... not a cool move.

DJ Chick2701d ago

Worth creating a Japanese account to get a free theme of Zebras having an orgy?

Hell 2 the yeah!

cyclindk2701d ago

Totally, just Dled it!

Not only are they practically photo realistic, as in the game the theme is based upon, but it looks like you've got some wildlife documentary running in the background, now only if the lighting changed depending on the time of day, that would be cool (African sunset).

To your question, yes they move about, grazing, walking, et cetera... just being zebras.

sonarus2701d ago

Its a very nice theme. In fact imo MUCH better than LBP theme. The zebras give it a more mature look and very classy

Marceles2701d ago

The best part is the zebra that walks closely in view of the camera and then turns his head at you lol. Yeah this theme is better than LBP.

You've gotta see it in motion

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unrealgamer582701d ago

just downloaded it, i love how the zebra stares at me. xb

RememberThe3572701d ago

I don't really want to make one, but I really want this, as well.

Decision, decision.

cyclindk2701d ago

Creating a Jap account is worth it, there are SO many things there we never get over here, I'm sure you'll find some other use for it eventually and it's just a one time deal.

Grin2701d ago

Just go to google and put in "make a japanese PSN account". You can find a step-by-step guide on how to make an account.

Megaton2701d ago

It's worth it to have one in every region. From the Japanese store I've got this theme, Mainichi Issho (and its trophies), the demo for Katamari Forever, and several other past demos early. Plus, you can go to Japanese version of Home.

lordgodalming2701d ago

@ grin

How in the h311 did you get a disagree for a suggestion about how to start up a Japanese account??

Have a bubble on me.

Baka-akaB2701d ago

decision ?

By the time you wasted making that post you could have created said account ...

RememberThe3572701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

People are so passionate about their Japaese PSN...

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