Unreal Engine 3 Vs Reality Engine: The Battle Of Compatibility

According to CB Games "Unreal Engine 3 is a spearhead for publishers to efficiently pump out pseudo-next-gen games across the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, while the real next-generation of gaming appears to lie in the untapped potential of very high-end development platforms such as the Reality Engine."

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TriggerHappy4209d ago

Am a gamer, i game, I dont develop. I just wanna see the final product no how is made and which one should be made with it. Regardless of my opinion on which one is best, devs will still use it.

mcintosh2334209d ago

unreal engine is great. cant wait for the other games to roll out on it

PS360WII4209d ago

yeah I don't know much about development but when did UE3 become only for pseudo-next-gen games? Isn't UE3 new and improved kick arse engine or is it already collecting dust? I'm stating this by what the guy said

Rooted_Dust4209d ago

I wouldn't call either of those engine vastly superior to the other. I really dont' see much of a difference.

ItsDubC4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

I get the feeling that this discussion will turn into one about which engine is better than the other but that really depends on who you ask. A gamer will most likely judge each engine based on the graphics and AI complexity of the games produced using that engine, whereas a developer will likely judge an engine based on how easy it is to accomplish certain tasks either programmatically or through the use of tools provided by that engine. I write software for a living (but not in the entertainment realm), so any engine or toolset that allows me to achieve a certain result in less time is probably going to be the best for me.

id dot entity4209d ago

I love the Unreal Engine 3 because of the high compatibility with the 360. Yeah good engine. Don't really know the Reality engine.

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