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Will Games Ever Make Us Cry?

Go Gaming Giant looks at the question "will games ever make us cry?" (Culture)

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Go Gaming Giant  +   2163d ago
Has anyone here ever cried in a video game?
jazzking2001  +   2163d ago
cant think of any
JsonHenry  +   2163d ago
I cried every time I tried to beat PUNCH OUT! as a kid..
Voozi  +   2163d ago
Valkyria Chronicles for me for games of this gen only. MGS4 almost did but it was more a feeling of emptiness which didn't really push me to shedding any tears.

Oh and the end of Crisis Core made me ;_; Granted I knew how it was going to end but the way it all played out during those final moments did it for me.
siyrobbo  +   2163d ago
Im pretty sure alot of people cried when Final fantasy 13 went multiplat- not sure if that counts or not tho
Tony P  +   2163d ago
The ending of FFX makes me tear up a bit. When Tidus starts fading away and he dives off that ship and finds his dad waiting, the two finally reconciled. It's so... *sniff*

But then FFX-2 ruins it.
gaffyh  +   2163d ago
I'm pretty sure Heavy Rain is going to be a very emotional story, just watch the gamescom trailer, it looks amazing.
bnaked  +   2163d ago
The ending of MGS4
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Sarcasm  +   2163d ago
Nope, have never felt the need to shed a tear.

Infact, I've never cried for any entertainment medium, including movies.
Reibooi  +   2163d ago
There has been quite a few games that have made me cry. Final Fantasy VII and X come to mind.

The biggest one however is the entire last 4-5 hours of Xenosaga Episode 3 had me tearing up or in full blow tears because it was so heartbreaking.

Shadow of the Colossus hit me pretty hard and I'm sure everyone who has played it knows what part I'm talking about.

Oh and lets not forget Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII that ending was made especially painful because you were in control of the first part of it and no matter what you did you could not change what was about to happen.

So while there has not be a univeral game that could make every person cry there has been games that have made some people cry and lets face it there is no magic movie that makes everyone cry so as far as I am concerned games and film are on equal footing.
Bathyj  +   2163d ago
I think I cried *SPOILER* when my horse didnt make the jump in SotC. At least I was very not happy.

Oh yeah, and John Dimaggio's voice acting in Gears of War 2 makes me cry everytime.
Nihilism  +   2163d ago
i've got the balls to admit it
i cried at the end of ffX, silent strong man crying of course...
mistajeff  +   2163d ago
I teared up at the end of MGS4, but I'd never expect anyone who isn't a shameless MGS fanboy like myself to feel the same level of emotion in that last cutscene. I think it was when they CQC'd a man-hug that it got to me, cuz it's like, these poor bastards don't know how to do anything but fight. And then the homage to MGS3's highly emotional ending... ah, I'm all buttery now.
sniper-squeak  +   2163d ago
when FF went Multi-platform...

oh and Heavy rain/TLG look to have emotional storylines
kikilala  +   2163d ago
I always cry when playing games.. even sports or racing games... espescially after staring at the screen for more than 2 hours straight.. *sobs..* Im crying while typing this comment too.. I guess I need a new pair of glasses..
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   2163d ago
You mean aside from fanboys? Ok, ok! I kid.

No, I don't think so... Sometimes I got that saddening, depressing, throat closing feeling, just like in some movies, but never had cried over it that I remember.

Come to think of it, have any of you guys cried over a movie? I know I don't... And if everybody is a "no", should we really be expecting people to cry over videogames? Maybe it's not the games, it's the gamers.

PS: Edited "public" for "the gamers" at the end, fitting better.
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umair_s51  +   2163d ago
MGS3 had a sad ending, Valkyria Chronciles was emotional too. But none made me cry, I don't think games can ever really make you cry because the characters are virtual.
Monk3y  +   2163d ago
I actually
dropd a few tears on MGS4 final cutscenes, dunno why :O
justpassinggas  +   2163d ago
FFVI... Celes' suicide scene... I was bawling my eyes out!!!

Chrono Trigger... Chrono dies... I was bawling my eyes out!!! (good thing this was only one of the possible endings)

Chrono Trigger...Robo gets beaten up... I was choked up but no tears.

FFVI... Shadow doesn't make it off the floating island and dies... I was left speechless.

FFX... Tidus begins to fade and Yuna falls through him when she tries to hug him... I was bawling my eyes out!!!

FFIX... Zidane gives up hope (the music here is EPIC!!!) and becomes a nihilist until his friends help him out... got choked up but no tears.

Chrono Cross... Kid being abandoned alone after the orphanage fire... I was bawling my eyes out!!!

Chrono Cross... All humans died and Harle visits Serge's grave... I was speechless! (good thing this was an alternate ending)

There's probably a lot more that I can't remember right now.

Damn I'm an emo. :P
Marceles  +   2163d ago
My cousin cried on Heavenly Sword when Flying Fox hung Kai
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NoBias  +   2163d ago
Starfox 64
After you beat it the special way and Fox follows his Dad's ship out of Andross's level. And then disappears after wards :( hah, I'm not going to lie, I teared up at the end of that.


Not since then has a videogame made me tear up though. I wouldn't be surprised if The Last Guardian breaks that record though ha.
darthv72  +   2163d ago
I have....
The game was phantasy star 2. I was young and the point to where Nei died towards the beginning really got to me. Especially since I had really spent some time in building up her skills.

Damn that sucked!
Timesplitter14  +   2162d ago
Nothing ever made me cry (movies, games, books, etc) but video games and books have been the most emotionally powerful up until now. Movies are too short. They don't allow enough development.

- Movies are better at horror and "clever" scenarios (social commentaries, etc).
- Video games are better for action (more than movies) and beautiful yet simple stories
- Books are good for anything except action
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yog-sothot  +   2162d ago
I almost cried at the end of Bioshock and ICO.
Go Gaming Giant  +   2163d ago
a lot of people have said they cried in the microwave scene in MGS4
locos85  +   2163d ago
LOL, why?
Voozi  +   2163d ago
Maybe by cry they mean at the pain/burn they were feeling as they were mashing that button making Snake crawl through it only to watch as the game wants you to MASH FASTER as you got closer to the exit lol
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Sarcasm  +   2163d ago
Man that microwave scene was brilliant.

I really didn't think he'd make it out of there by the end of it lol
Qazdaz  +   2163d ago
I cried because my thumb hurt so much afterwards. :p
mistajeff  +   2163d ago
My mom walked in behind me during that scene, and all she saw was my arm furiously moving in my lap during a video game. Took a bit of explanation...
SnuggleBandit  +   2163d ago
that was one of the most intense gameplay sequences i have ever played my forehead was literally dripping with sweat at the end of it.
TheAntiFanboy  +   2163d ago
The best scene in MGS4. No yapping, no ranting, just pure emotion.
PirateThom  +   2163d ago
That scene was more struggle than actual sad emotion. Everyone else is fighting to give Snake time, Snake is fighting to get through the corridor, you're fighting to keep Snake moving. It's such a simple user input, but it's probably one of the greatest experiences in the whole game.

The most emotional line in that whole game, though, is probably Otacon's "Snake... had a hard life." The first time you hear that and all the dialogue and scenes surrounding it, I dunno, it's like the whole series was building up to that single line.
jimi2104  +   2163d ago
A very thought provoking article, the story of a game can often trigger emotional responses via cut scenes (the end of disc 1 in Final Fantasy 7 anyone??) But has a game ever made me cry whilst playing it? I don't think so.
Reibooi  +   2163d ago
If we are talking about has gameplay ever hit you and made you cry then there are 2 games that come to mind.

One is Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII. You are completely in control during a large sequence of the ending and you know what is coming and that you cannot change Zack's death while playing I was choked up at the thought that no matter how long i could survive the battle Zack was gonna die and that was during game play not a cut scene.

The other is Persona 3. The final choice you make in the game is heart breaking because there is nothing you can choose that will save the main character and seeing as this character has been YOU the entire game it really hurts to not be able to save him.
corywebb93  +   2163d ago
Yes games will make uss cry
I cryed myself to sleep everyday for owning a ps3
Saaking  +   2163d ago
Yes, of course you have PS3 bot.

Funny how bots accuse ps3 fans of multiple accounts and this site of being biased yet a completely stupid bot like you has 6 bubbles. Stop crying bots, there's an equal number of fanboys.
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TheHip14  +   2163d ago
Defectiv3_Detectiv3  +   2163d ago
I'm a ps3 fanboy
But that was still funny
LuHawk2  +   2163d ago
lol That fool Saaking easly gets butt hurt over an Article
Saaking  +   2163d ago
Yea, 360 games make me cry by how terrible they are. Thank god there's mostly always a superior PC version.
Go Gaming Giant  +   2163d ago
PC gaming FTW
Clumzyagent  +   2163d ago
I'm hoping it will happen as the medium evolves. I'm pulling for The Last Guardian to make the emotional connection
Rashid Sayed  +   2163d ago
great stuff man!
vflhp  +   2163d ago
No, don't think I will tbh. Good article!
Pizzagaki  +   2163d ago
FF7, only game that made me spill a tear.
When Aerith died, and i didnt even like her, just felt bad for cloud.

Then i got jelous with Cloud cause i didnt want anyone to lay his filthy hands on Tifa.
JasonXE  +   2163d ago
Darkraven  +   2163d ago
I cried when Aeris died in FF7 and MGS4 at the microwave scene =/
Rampaged Death  +   2163d ago
The ending in MGS4 !! But that's the only time a game has ever made my cry.
KilZoneGeneralStrife  +   2163d ago
Aeris dying..
..Tidus finding out he was just a dream... ,thinking Snake was about to pull the trigger cuz it was game over for his aged body.Idk,I get emotional with deep games.always tellin my little bro,dude. . .theres something in my eye lol.
Pizzagaki  +   2163d ago
Its not so bad to be a dream.
Then i could manifest and screw any woman i want, cuz its just a dream right?
Rashid Sayed  +   2163d ago
Matt! I am really thrilled to read ur article!
Mr Bean Laden  +   2163d ago
only game that made me cry was MGS4
Mr Bean Laden  +   2163d ago
^^^ I'm being serious no joke
bnaked  +   2163d ago
I don't know why you've got disagrees..

MGS4 is one of the most emotional games ever! And if you are a real MGS fan, it is the most emotional game of all time!
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DocHoliday  +   2163d ago
I cried when greyfox died in Metal Gear Solid. Also when maryl died. Just not otocan, i laughed when he died.
Magnus  +   2163d ago
The game that shocked me was Xenogears when I found out Fei was Id, the games that made me cry were FF7 and Xenosaga. When Aeris died I was pissed and erased the whole game thinking I screwed up somehow.
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kraze07  +   2163d ago
Almost cried when Lavitz died in The Legend of the Dragoon. MGS3 and 4 had some pretty emotional moments but none were tear worthy. I'm pretty sure some extremely difficult fighting games have made me shed some tears of anger before (you guys know which ones I'm talking about).
DocHoliday  +   2163d ago
I also cried when Aeires died in FF7
Not because i felt bad for her, but because i wasted so much time leveling her up.
Aquarius  +   2163d ago
DAMM!! Voozi :D

...you beat me to it. I did shed a tear when isara died in VC. :(
The game is epic, I'm sure there's more emotional parts in VC. I haven't played it for a while.
Voozi  +   2163d ago
Yea that's the scene that did it for me, oh and there's another scene too at the end as well, but instead of sad tears, it's more like happy tears. You'll know what I mean (without spoiling anything) once you reach the end.
Double Toasted  +   2163d ago
Resistance 2's campaign...
made me cry, but I think it was more from boredom...
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Aquarius  +   2163d ago
yh Voozi ( I actually finished the game )

I hope PS2 RPG PLAYERS pick this title up so it gets
even more sales :{
SONY should advertise this. PLEASE!!!!

Mind you is the game still around in shops.

BTW Can you tell me if VC's DLC is worth it. Is it long? I've watched a couple of YOUTUBE videos but it seemed to me that the DLC is revolving around 1 battle, environment, hub etc.

Nariko :(

It has a beautiful ending. 1 of the best this gen.
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Voozi  +   2163d ago
Being the impulse buyer I am, I bought both mission pack DLCs, and I only played Edy's DLC and never even beat it yet lol, and I've yet to even touch Selvaria's DLC. So not sure if I can properly judge whether or not it's worth it lol.

As for the super hard difficulty one, I skipped out on that lol.
Chewytime  +   2163d ago
I shedded a few manly tears at the end of MGS4.
mmike855  +   2163d ago
Nice idea for an article, but...
I have teared up during games before. I find that games like Gears of War were not created to make people feel much other than being a renegade awesome cool dude with huge feet. The series is good, but not mind tinglingly or even thought provoking. To find that type of emotion in games is similar to finding it in movies: look hard. Metal Gear Solid 4 is a game where, if you have watched the excellently directed cutscenes, followed his character, and paid attention to the story, you know that the tears brimming your eyes have nothing to do with the pain in your thumbs. Gaming is a storytelling medium now, and directors and writers are going to take more and more advantage of that in the future. Heavy Rain and the new Final Fantasy games come to mind.
kingme71  +   2163d ago
Good point mmike.

Spoiler alert for Gears of War II.

I know Epic talked for months on how they have a professional writer and you might shed a tear on this one and they are putting more into the story than before. The whole time we were searching for Dom's wife, I kept thinking man I do not want to find her and have to do an escort mission for the next level or two. I hope she's dead or we find her at the end. Probably not the response Epic was looking for, but if you try and mix in the emotions into the gameplay like that, I'll take gameplay first.
No FanS Land  +   2163d ago
I would say the scene when Eva dies in MGS4, When she sees nakedsnake's body burning. It's an entire story that dies right in front of her eyes, that and the moment she thinks she can reconciliate Adam.
kingme71  +   2163d ago
I cried last night in GTAIV. Got 20 minutes into a mission, all I had to do was drive Roman home to finish it and as I was leaving, I bumped a propane tank and blew up my car. Checkpoints would be nice.

Seriously though, the article makes a good point that most of the emotional parts of the game are portrayed in cut scenes, not during the gameplay. It is much easier to draw out emotions during passive entertainment like a cut scene.

If you kill off a trusting animal I might come close. The Last Guardian has a chance to wet some tear ducts if that big creature dies at the end.... I can just see that coming too.
The Meerkat  +   2163d ago
Maria!!!! in Gears


The very end of Halo 3 when the MC goes into stasis and you know Cortana loves him and will watch over him for possible hundreds of years.
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ginsunuva  +   2163d ago
You cried for Halo and Gears?!?!?

Typical 7 year old.
The Meerkat  +   2163d ago
Your absence of empathy for the characters in the games actually speaks volumes about your lack of maturity.

Once your old enough to experience all of the good and the bad that life throws at you in the forms of love, loss and death. When you see these same feelings expressed in a game than you can more accurately relate to them and reflect on your own memories.
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LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2163d ago
In Gears 2.

Sanhlami  +   2163d ago
I cried in that game

that shoots diced onions into your eyes.

It was beautiful.
hankmoody  +   2163d ago
When Red XIII finds out what really happened to his father. I didn't cry but my eyes got a little watery.
Ninjamonkey  +   2163d ago
Not for a while.

Right now most games ar about gameplay and graphics. Plus the devs are always trying to make us feel like rambo whilst were playing, and he never cries.

A game which made people cry could be easily made. But thats not what the devs want right now. Becuase they dont sell.
RedDeadLB  +   2163d ago
MGS4 definitely.. From the microwave scene onwards.. A true epic story. The Ocelot vs Snake battle had that epic feeling.. Can't quite describe it. Not like it would make you cry, but more like an... adrenaline rush?
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