iPhone gets new features?

AT&T has leaked some screenshots of the upcoming phone, hinting at some new features added at the last minute. The changes appear to affect the iPhone's Google Maps application, with two new icons making an appearance at the bottom of the screen.

One of the icons shows what looks like a knife and fork and could mean that Points of Interest data such as restaurant locations could be overlaid on Google Maps. The other icon appears to show a car and could imply that traffic alerts and route calculation could be one of the new features.

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Karebear4237d ago

Until it can do 3G so that I can network with my laptop on it, its useless to me. Even though I really really like the way it looks.

Chibs4237d ago

You'd think for a phone like that which is boasting so many features already it would actually have 3G too ¬_¬

Lets hope the EU version have it ;)

id dot entity4237d ago

Rumor has it that 3G will be activated through a software update.

Andronix4237d ago

Looks great. It has unnbelievable features.
-but i only want to carry around one bit of tech. on me. So I want my phone/mp3 player/sat nav combined.

Nokia can do it. Lets hope the maps mean that maybe Sat-nav IS included.

PS360WII4237d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

iPhone looks slick as all out. Sure it doesn't have 3G but it does also have WiFi support so if your by your wireless router no worries. It's all touch screen is awesome (just shows how much ds is not a gimick now) and it has all kinds of other cool features. Yet like the mac it's not really meant for the hardcore buisness folk who deal with Windows and windows only, but that goes without saying

Karebear4237d ago

I wouldn't need a phone to connect to the internet through :) Unfortunately as a Linux Admin I have to be able to jump online at any time anywhere at a moments notice. I also don't want to pay for a second mobile account to have a card for the laptop... sooo.

id dot entity4237d ago

I love the iPhone. I watched the keynote and I was amazed. They really brainstormed big time before starting the project. I am going to get it when I need a new phone (like April '08.)

Dragonopolis4237d ago

I believe the new revision for EVDO Revision B has been approved and will see speeds comparable with 3G. Here is an little clip of an article from
CDMA Development Group:

"About 1xEV-DO Revision B
EV-DO Revision B is a CDMA2000 High Rate Packet Data Air Interface Specification that was developed by the Third Generation Partnership Project 2 (3GPP2) standards development organization as an evolution to the International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT-2000) CDMA Multicarrier (MC-CDMA) standard that is recognized by the International Telecommunications Union and also known as CDMA2000 on a commercial basis. The EV-DO Rev. B standard will be published in the first quarter of 2006 under document number 3GPP2 C.S0024-B and by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and Electronics Industry Association as TIA/EIA/IS-856-B.

Revision B introduces a 64-QAM modulation scheme, and will deliver peak rates of 73.5 Mbps in the forward link and 27 Mbps in the reverse link through the aggregation of 15 1.25 MHz carriers within 20 MHz of bandwidth. A single 1.25 MHz carrier and an aggregated 5 MHz carrier in the forward link will deliver peak rates of up to 4.9 Mbps and 14.7 Mbps, respectively. "

Here is the full link to the article:

So if AT&T/Cingular decide to stick with EV-DO and go with the revision B upgrade, Apple could include the Revision B hardware in the phone much like they did with some of their products and Wifi (802.11n)early than expect. This should be pretty easy to do since EV-DO Revision B is supposedly backwards compatible.

Of course this is all speculation but it would be in Apple Best interest if they are sticking with EV-DO that their phone be Revision B compatible.

EV-DO isn't dead quite yet but who knows what the future will bring.