New Soul Calibur game, Legends heading to Wii

Earlier in the week there was rumour floating around that an old GameCube franchise was heading to the Wii and there would be an announcement soon, well the rumour was true and from the latest issue of Famitsu comes Soul Calibur Legends for the Wii.

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PhinneousD4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

hopefully this will be a new ip. wii needs some new games. not more gc ports.

PS360WII4208d ago

It's a new game with characters from a fighting game.

I dont' know could be good but yes Pinn it could suck just as much. Only time will tell.

ItsDubC4208d ago

"All that is known about the game is that it is listed as an Action/Adventure game and you can 'Meet the Soul Calibur Characters and fight with the Wiimote.'"

I'm interested in how this style of gameplay is going to be implemented. Hopefully more details will be revealed soon, so I can decide if I'm excited about this game or not lol

midgard2294208d ago

i thought it was another last gen port lol.

im willing to play it, and i hope its not as bad as virtua quest....we all know how bad that game was. and i hope it doesn't play like death by degrees or devil with in from tekken 5, namco sux at action adventure.....(i know they didnt make virtua quest)

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