PlayStation 3 Coming to Korea Next Month

Sony's PlayStation 3 video game console is expected to hit shelves in Korea next month. According to game industry insiders on Wednesday, Sony Computer Entertainment Korea asked its head office in Japan to finalize the release date of the PS3 in Korea, which is likely to be June.

SCEK is currently working out sales details with the head office, including pricing and models that will be available. Once the Japanese headquarters gives the go ahead, SCEK will launch an aggressive marketing campaign in Korea. The industry is predicting that Sony will release in Korea a deluxe model of the PS3 with a wireless LAN adapter and a 60GB hard disk priced between W500,000 and W600,000 (US$1=W923).

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Pheneus4239d ago

right above me. super class...

DrWan4239d ago

At least they are keeping the price consistent. its between 550-650, which will make it the most expensive PS3 in Asia right? but still alot cheaper than UKers.

PhinneousD4239d ago

wow, japan likes to be elitists in asia, giving the short-end and late release dates to their fellow asian neighbors.