50% Off Adventure Games For A Couple of Days

Game-Debate writes "Recently, thanks in no small part to Lucasarts' resurrection of some of their old classics, the familiar point-and-click adventure has made a stunning comeback. And if you're more used to mowing down alien robots than you are solving brain-knotting puzzles, this is a great time to take your first bite of the luscious adventure cherry. Some of the arbitrary whimsy which made the older games so difficult to penetrate has been lost in order to create smoother-flowing games that are still challenging.

As starting points go I'm enthusiastic about what I've seen from Microids recently (have a look at Game-Debate's Dracula 3 review). As a way of encouragement we have been in touch with our friends at Microids and they have agreed to offer our visitors to their shop a whopping 50% discount for a few days on all Microids titles."

So lets just say that again. 50% off all Microids titles.

Games like Syberia 2, Still Life 2, Return to Mysterious Island 2...

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