Xbox 360 Spring Update Available May 9th

Just announced in a press release, the Xbox 360 Spring Dashboard Update will go live at 0200 PST May 9th (read: tomorrow). Fire up your 360 tomorrow to get all the new features.

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fiercescuba3543d ago

The acheivement thing is huge... I hate to hit the guide button to see I got some meaningless 10 pointer I wasnt even trying to get.

drunkpandas3543d ago

I love that you already got a pic of Nash's bloody nose. Haha

shotty3543d ago

The MSN thing is the first feature im going to try, want to see the look on my buddies faces when it says "Signed in on Xbox 360" ;)

drtysouf213543d ago

Can't wait to test out the messenger integration.

Diselage3543d ago

I just want my divx streaming.

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The story is too old to be commented.