Carnegie Mellon Preserves History of Gaming "Firsts" With Updated Game Innovation Database

Was "Pong" really the first video game? Did jumping first appear in "Donkey Kong?" To answer these questions and more about video and computer games, a team of master's degree students at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) has created a new and improved Game Innovation Database at

The Web site is a unique online resource dedicated to cataloging video and computer game "firsts." The database, also known as the GIDb, was introduced in 2004 as an open wiki. Now, the site has been updated with an intuitive Flash interface that visually displays the relationships between innovations in a dynamic network where visitors can see how one has inspired another. Its creators say it's an invaluable resource for gaming enthusiasts wanting to satisfy their curiosity, developers searching for inspiration and professors teaching game history and design.

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