Serious Sam HD new in-game shots

Croteam has just released new in-game screenshots from Serious Sam HD.

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Peter North3188d ago

PC looks superior as usual.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3187d ago

Boo hoo cry more no PS3 version and we all know you're jealous because you're here :)

LuHawk23187d ago

Tweter North [email protected] ass is crying like a B!tch as usual

commodore643187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

The sad truth about Peter North!

... don't blame the messenger!

Sonyslave33188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

ps3 look superior as usual o wait thier isn't a ps3 version of Serious Sam HD my bad.

Cajun Chicken3187d ago

I can't wait for this!!! Release date please!!! :D

phosphor1123187d ago

If none of you guys have a computer that can play this game, that's pretty sad. It came out 2001, 8 years later, you should be able to play it just fine. Yeah, the textures and models are re-done just slightly, but that's the thing. Slightly. Buy the game for 5 - 10 bucks and get it over with. Mouse and Keyboard dominates all anyway.

green3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

But i don't like PC gaming anymore.

Cajun Chicken3187d ago

It's also the retooling of the engine, it's using the Serious Engine 3, play SS2 and then SSFE/SE, you can see the improvement of the handling of enemies onscreen immediately. I'm hyped for this because I believe it will have better physics, more enemies and look better in HD.

It's also Croteam doing it too, so this is made due to massive fan feedback, people have been mentioning about a Serious Sam remake for ages, Serious Sam FE is a modern classic.

Besides, here's something additionally interesting; Serious Sam FE/SE on PC had no lives system originally, It wasn't until the XBOX version that lives were introduced, also, Sam was designed to look far more individual and cartoony, which I appreciated. Lives then became commonplace in the series. Judging by the screenshots, it is difficult to judge if lives are in the game or not.

It's also a very cool demo of what Serious Sam 3 will be like, due to using the same engine. So, I personally can't wait and I'm impatient and used to the XBOX game from last gen anyway because of it's arcade'y feel. So I'll get it on 360 and then wait until the PC version is out and hopefully get it for that too.