More Final Fantasy Dissidia details

Some more details on the newly announced PSP Final Fantasy game; Final Fantasy Dissidia.

- Final Fantasy series characters battle on a 3D field. The genre is fighting competition action (?).
- The gods Cosmos and Chaos called on the heroes of light and dark
- Warrior of light from FF1, Zidane from FF9 will participate
- Garland and Kuja are also confirmed
- Character designs by Nomura.

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Observer4241d ago

... kills final fantasy

midgard2294241d ago

not to much, all final fantasys are different, they could have just called it dissisia and no one would complain. its not like its link killing ganon for 20 years and getting the same master sword.

BUT ANYWAY!!! sounds really cool, like its an all star final fantasy. action or fighting game. YAY tifa, sephiroth and cloud, leon, terra and so on!!! this should be cool :D